Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look - Crazy Lips: MAC Pink Lemonade with Cranberry LipLiner

It was November of 2005. The first time I ever went to a MAC counter I didn't know what I wanted to get. I had never heard of MAC before. I had only recently heard of it when my belly dance teacher took group of us to Chicago to see Miss Exotic World, Michelle L'Amour, perform, after which we went to a club to dance the night away. Kira had on this gorgeous glitter eyeliner which she said was MAC. I just had to have it.

Unfortunately, the counter no longer had glitter liner in stock - it was a "Limited Edition" item (what the???). I was disappointed. So the sales associate asked me what types of products I like the most. Really fun lipsticks - what else? She said she knew just what I needed. She pulled out Cranberry Lip Liner and Pink Lemonade Lipglass.

Just to give you an idea since I neglected to make swatches of these separately, Cranberry Lip Pencil is a dark berry red color and Pink Lemonade is a pinky-orange, slightly neon looking compared to other lipglasses. I must have looked apprehensive because she said "trust me - every time I put this on someone, they buy it." I did.

The cool thing about this combo is that if you line the lips with Cranberry as dark as you can get it, you can then squiggle interesting designs onto the lips and create a marbled effect once you add the Pink Lemonade. Top it off with Clear Lipglass and you have something truly luscious - and rather pretty. If you choose to smooth it all out, like what I did here, you have something that is just gorgeous and a very wearable color.

The Breakdown

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Paints in Pixel - all over lid. a note about this paint: try to avoid your eyelashes. It'll stick to it like crazy. Sadly, I think it's also discontinued.
  • MAC Idol Eyes Eye Shadow - On top of the Pixel. I don't like this shadow very much because it gets EVERYWHERE (as you can see)
  • MAC Phloof Eye Shadow - brow highlight
  • MAC Steamy Eye Shadow - outer third and crease
  • MAC Mystery Kohl Power (LE)
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Lighscapade MSF (LE)
  • MAC Light Flush MSF (LE)
  • MAC Cranberry Lip Pencil - line lips, shade in the corners only
  • MAC Pink Lemonade Lipglass - over entire lip. Do too much smoothing and you'll smooth out the Cranberry, as I did here.
  • MAC Clear Lipglass - optional, looks best right in the middle of the lower lip, I think.
I wish I remember that MAC SA's name so I could credit her with this. All I remember was that she helped me the day before she was getting ready to move to Florida. Sad. It was one of the most original ideas I've ever heard out of any makeup sales agent. Most of them don't want to get too crazy for fear they won't be able to sell you anything. But every once in a while you can get one in a good mood that just wants to play with your face. That's when you just have to be open minded and have fun!

Also in retrospect, the lip combo is not totally crazy (unless you do the marbling thing). It's not like one of the colors is blue or green - but that would be interesting to explore!