Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look - MAC Smokey Brown Eye Tutorial Inspired

Several years ago, I remember reading an interview with someone (I can't remember who) and they said that every woman needed to own MAC Teddy Eye Kohl. Actually I think I've read that in more than one location. When I was browsing MAC's website I came across an eyeshadow tutorial for a brown smokey eye using Teddy Eye Kohl. No time like the present to pick it up, right? So I did. I also did my best to follow the techniques on the tutorial just to try them out. This was the result.

The Break Down

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Claire de Lune Eyeshadow (LE) - Used all over lid to even out skin tone
  • MAC Teddy Eye Kohl - used to line lashes and blend upward, also in lower waterline
  • MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow - used all over lid
  • MAC Showstopper Eyeshadow - in outer corner, a little in crease
  • MAC Goldbit Eyeshadow (LE) - inner corner, brow highlight
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in PlushBlack -I had a heck of a time with mascara in this look. I don't know why but nothing I did worked out. You can really see it in the eye picture.
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 - why did I ever stray from this foundation? It works. I like it. It's cheaper than Chanel and more reliable.
  • MAC Lightscapade Mineralized Skin Finish (LE) - used as powder
  • MAC Strada Blush - slight contour in cheek
  • MAC Stray Rose Blush (LE) - On apples of cheek
  • MAC Dervish Lip Liner
  • MAC Bare Slimshine - Awesome color for any nude lips you're trying to do.
  • MAC Beaux Lusterglass - This is a brown shimmery gloss. Normally it's not the type of shade I'd think of for MY lips but it comes off pretty sheer and just pumps a bit of extra life into nude lips for me.
Wore this out to dinner at The Melting Pot with my husband. I happen to really like how the look turned out overall. Very easy too. While I had some Limited Addition items, the tutorial uses only the permanent MAC line so that you can duplicate their look perfectly.