Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look - A Rose Romance Inspired Look

A Rose Romance collection by MAC will be available at counters starting today. Some places have had it for a little while so far. The Collection went live on the site on Tuesday and I haven't whittled down my order to "reasonable" yet so I have nothing. However I spent a good deal of time looking at their looks on Tuesday. I already have Mutiny Pigment, so I let myself get inspired.

Just to let you know, the colors I used today are very rarely (if ever) used in my collection. I consider Mutiny pigment particularly "Scary" but it really is rather awesome. Before I looked at the A Rose Romance looks I had no idea how to use it. If you like it, I suggest picking it up or splitting it with a few friends if you won't use it often. One pigment goes a LONG way.

The Breakdown

The Eyes
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Phloof! Eye Shadow - Used on inner corner and highlight
  • MAC Mutiny Pigment- Middle to outer corner. I could have gone darker with this. I probably will next time. Many o the MAC looks seem to use it in conjunction with Delft Paint Pot. I bet that would really make it pop.
  • MAC Swish Eye Shadow - Outer corner into crease. Also under eye. I NEVER touch this shadow. I think I just found a reason for owning it.
  • MAC Steelpoint Technikohl - Line upper and lower lashes
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • MAC Stuido Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Lightscapade MSF (LE)
  • MAC Dollymix Blush - this is another color I use rarely due to the sheer terror of that much pink. But it is truly quite a beautiful blush
  • MAC Prep + Prime Lip
  • MAC Lush-n-Lilac Cremestick (Creamstick?) Liner - if anyone knows the correct time to use "Cream" vs. "Creme" please let me know. I'm totally stumped. "Creme" just sounds a bit hoity toity.
  • MAC Violetta Lipstick
  • MAC Courting Rose Lipglass (LE?)

By the way, I loved this look. I normally shy away from things I consider "cool" and this had an overabundance of them. I'm normally a neutral-warm fan. But I had to do something fun with my eyes since I just got the brows waxed. If you're in the Springboro area and need to get something waxed, go to Reign at Hausfelds. I swear - least painful waxing experience ever! She is super cute and gave me the most unique compliment: "You have perfect arches. I try to draw mine to be like yours." (she was talking about brows).

And a list of places to see A Rose Romance Swatches: