Friday, April 24, 2009

My New Ed Hardy Scarf - So many ways to wear it!

Hey look what showed up at my door last week...

My new scarf from Ideeli by Ed Hardy

Pirate chicks and birds! That's fun right? Yeah, I think it's fun. But do you want to know what was even MORE fun? The pamphlet that came with it on how to wear the scarf! For the scarf-challenged people like me out there - THANK YOU, ED HARDY!

Here's a taste -

Traditional Styles

Some Not-So-Traditional Styles

This was worth the price of the entire scarf package, honestly. Of course I only paid $7 because I had a credit for Sumo's Pour La Victoire purchase a couple weeks back. But still! Very cool! Maybe I can finally learn how to wear one of these things, and not just buy them because I think the fabric/designs are pretty/interesting. There were approximately 14 different ways to wear your Ed Hardy Scarf in this pamphlet. 14 is a lot of styels! Granted, most of them look like variations on the Survivor Buff but whatever works. I'll probably only end up trying a few of them.

Not a memember of Ideeli shopping club? Use my invite link!