Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Site From Zappos Helped Me Find THE Shoes!!!

Ok, THIS is how I always wanted to shop for shoes! Finally, a way to locate the closest knockoffs!

I was looking at my Tweets this weekend and I saw one from Zappos talking about their new site: Explore Zappos. I'm a interface/usability/interaction designer by trade so I was interested immediately. The site helps you by allowing you to choose a style you are interested in and it will show you similar items.

Side Note to Zappos: Great idea - now make it easier to start because it's just overwhelming. Perhaps begin with a short list of basic styles and branch off from there? Your current very large list of shoes has little to no organization that I can tell. Intimidating.Also, some of the handy functions don't stand out - like being able to remove a search term once you have a shoe picked and want to broaden your search. It's there, but doesn't stand out. But good start to an idea!

Well, I started out by looking for shoes similar to Sierra's shoes on Dollhouse two weeks ago. I had purchased Chinese Laundry's Love Me Shoes, since that's what I found that was "close enough". Well... the two things I said were different at the time were the heel color and the hardware seemed to be silver, not gold. I knew there had to be a closer match.

Look what I found using Zappos new Explore Site:

Tammy by L.A.M.B at Zappos - $374

Notice the picture in my past post, there is a brand label on the underside of the shoe just like with these. The hardware is gold but it has the metal tag, just like these. I think these might be the actual shoes worn on the show. Plus it makes sense - why would they have Sierra wearing anything but the most chic (read "expensive") items?

However, if you don't think the Chinese Laundry "Love Me" are close enough, for $20 more you can get these:

Enamoured by Promiscuous at Zappos - $109

They have nearly the same heel color as the L.A.M.B. but are WAY cheap. Lishy, if you're out there... had I seen these first I might have bout them.

By the way, I wore my Chinese Laundry "Love Me" shoes to work ALL DAY on Friday and I love them. They did not kill my feet and I could actually see over the tops of the cubicals for the first time in my life.