Monday, April 13, 2009

Office Awesomeness - SHOES!!!!!

Last week was quite a treat for me - so many of my friends/coworkers were wearing such fun outfits. In particular I was drawn to their footwear of choice. Here are some of the cool selections:


Terri is a bargain shoe shopper and she has such a great eye for fun footwear. She picked up this pair recently at DSW. I love the retro style with the kitten heel. Practical and fun. She gets extra points for coordinating with the red pedi.


Kara wore two cool selections this week. I'm starting to realize that she has an awesome collection of shoes. The first were a pair of black boots. Nothing particularly special about them, just around here I don't normally see people wearing boots or in this fashion. So strange because it's popular everywhere else and I love the boot-skirt look. I love the boots with the skirt too! Just more proof in my opinion that Dayton needs a fashion/style injection! I only wish the top fit Kara better (it's quite a bit loose). But she still looked sharp and carried it off with a lot of confidence. It's wonderful how a great pair of boots makes you feel powerful.

Kara's second selection played to my current guilty pleasure: red pumps. Kara has a far more practical eye than I do, and chose this comfy-yet-stylish pair. She picked those babies up in London, UK. The brand is Marco Tozzi. To me these look almost elf-ish with the pointy toe and the way the heel slants. Believe me, they are stunning in person. Makes me want to wander the shopping districts looking for super cool shoes! By the way - she wore a skirt from my old stash of stuff I can't fit into anymore with those shoes. It looked far better on her than it ever did on me. I love it when I give away something that actually looks good on someone else!

And last but not least by any means...


About a month ago, reader and friend Sumo ordered a gorgeous pair of Pour La Victoire shoes from Ideeli. They finally arrived. When I posted a small blog piece about the "Aggressive Black Shoe" way back in February, Sumo latched onto this and decided she wanted a pair. What she found fits the trend perfectly:

Pour La Victoire "Sacha"

I really think it's the buckles that make this shoe. From the front it reminds me a little of the leg padding I used to wear in high school when I played catcher for my softball team. But the style all together is highly unique in my opinion and she got them for a steal (on Amazon they go for around $250, her purchase was under $100). Way to go Sumo!