Sunday, April 5, 2009

Polish of the Day: Lippmann Collection Holiday And a DUPE ALERT!

When the Lippmann Collection had their recent promotion I splurged and purchased three colors: Holiday, Brown Eyed Girl, and Purple Rain. I also grabbed the rehydraging base coat (at Ms. Lippmann's suggestion - she actually emailed me from her blackberry, how cool!) and the Addicted To Speed Top Coat (which I love but hate the price.

The Color: Pinkish red base with fuchsia glitter. It almost leans toward a true red that almost borders on pink. Reminds me of the recent China Glazes. Here's a comparion picture with Raspberry Festival from China Glaze:

Hello! We have a DUPE!

The Formula: This is almost like a jelly with glitter. Reminds me of the recent China Glaze Summer Days collection.

The Wear: This category is beginning to be a little tough to rate for me because of my recent chipping and peeling. So I'm going to start taking it out. Update: Chippy Chippy Chippy! I'm not even through a full 24 hours and chip city! Maybe it's because I didn't use Orly Bonder.

The Bottom Line: Get China Glaze Raspberry Festival. It's cheaper. Sorry Ms. Lippmann.