Monday, April 13, 2009

Polish of the Day - Lippmann Purple Rain

Ok, I'll admit it. I bought this one just for the name. Purple Rain by Prince has a nice soft place in my heart. Not sure why, but I love that song. The polish... has some issues, but it's ok.

The Color: Frosty metallic light purple in some light, frosty metallic pinkish lavender in other light. I like the color much better in this picture than it looked under the florescent light in the office (where I spend most of my time). The finish is another nice alternative to light purple creams.

The Formula: Pretty polish, but it will show every mistake you make. Didn't quite get all the polish off your tips? You'll get lumps and bumps. Accidentally smudge the tip a bit when drying? Won't go unnoticed here. That being said, it didn't end up nearly as streaky as other polishes in this vein.

The Wear: I'm wearing it for 3 days now and it just started to chip last night. Ok.

The Bottom Line: Unless you're a die hard purple fan or love the name, I'd pass on this one. You can find better light purples this spring season.