Thursday, April 2, 2009

Polish of the Day - OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Wouldn't you know it - my nail decides to peel on my middle finger before I take this picture. How rude!

The Color: Black Cherry Chutney has a red-purple base with deep red shimmer. It can also look a little brown. It's another color I'd put in the very vampy Black But Not Quite category, except the base isn't black. This color is very much like OPI Midnight In Moscow if the base were not black but a red-purple.

The Formula: Opaque in two coats. The pro-wide brush makes it go on smooth and quick.

The Wear: If you don't run into peelie problems like me, it's just fine.

The Bottom Line: I like the color. I'm not sure I'd pick it over it's sister "black but not quites", but if you're looking for a sexy deep red-purple Black Cherry Chutney is a great one to have.

By the way, instead of using Nail of the Day I'm changing to Polish of the Day. Nail of the Day (NOTD) always had the connotation of being what you're wearing at that moment due to the MUA Nail Board. I'm starting to post polishes not on the day I'm wearing them. Not much of a difference, but it's enough to make be feel like I'm highlighting the polish rather than what I'm wearing on my nails at that moment.