Friday, April 3, 2009

Polish of the Day - OPI Done Out In Deco

Yes, I bought the "Teeny Bikinis" set from the OPI South Beach Collection. Here's a mini bottle of Done Out in Deco, the "IT" color of the South Beach choices. Seriously, you're probably sick of seeing this color. But this picture is mine. :)

The Color: Pastel purple/lilac. I've seen several "Konadicures" with this polish and other light purples doing the tone-on-tone thing. Overall the color isn't that exciting, but it is quite pretty and chic. It's also pretty neutral, as far as light purples go, so I think it could work on a variety of skin tones.

The Formula: Suffers from Big 3 Syndrome majorly. Very thick. I had a heck of a time applying it (small bottle and brush not withstanding). I bet I used up 1/4th of the bottle with this manicure, which is unusual for me and a tiny opi.

The Wear: This picture was taken after a day of working in the office. I already have some tip wear and chips. But you also know, my nails aren't the best right now either.

The Bottom Line: If you like keeping up with trendy colors, get it. I recommend the full-size rather than the Teeny Bikini bottles.