Monday, April 27, 2009

Polish of the Day: OPI DS Extravagance

This is one of those polishes I consider a breakout star. I had a hard time tracking this one down after I discovered I wanted it. But found it I did. I also almost always get compliments on it when I wear it. That's always fun. Even when my nails are peely and chippy like they are in this picture. Makes me sad to have such a beautiful color be displayed on such inadequate nails. The funny thing is that I don't usually like colors like this.

The Color: Very fuchsia/berry with lots of glitter. Sadly, it's one of the DS series that doesn't have that magical holographic touch. Can you imagine if it did? Wowza!

The Formula: I love the formula of this one because it's practically opaque in one coat. The two coats just makes it deeper.

The Wear: It's partly the condition of my nails, but this was chippy on me. After a day, even my nails that aren't peeling badly have big old peels.

The Bottom Line: Get it.