Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Polish of the Day - OPI Ink

Felt an angled picture was necessary to show the shimmer

OPI Ink and I have a history. When Ink was first released I thought it was way too similar to OPI Russian Navy (which I didn't like much) so I gave Ink away to a good friend. Did I really need another one like this? Seriously - how different can two deep blues with red glitter be? I'll show you. It's not a great picture but I'll show you:

OPI Russian Navy on top, OPI Ink on bottom

You can't see the glitter/shimmer in either of these, but do you see how Ink is actually Blurple-goodness? How Russian Navy is a little bit more blah? Then the months started to pass and the wonderful women of the MUA Nail Board kept displaying proudly their gorgeous Ink manicures and I began to really regret my decision. Ultimately, I repurchased.

The Color: Deep Blue-Purple with glitter that looks red in some light/angles and blue in others. I put this on and honestly I couldn't stop playing with it in the light.

The Formula: Opaque in about 1.5 coats. I used Lippmann Addicted to Speed on top and it didn't come out as shiny as I wanted it. I suspect using Seche Vite with this polish would give a different result.

The Wear: Wonderful. My nails are really peely right now - it's the first polish I've worn in a while where I didn't have a chip overnight.

The Bottom Line: Learn from my story - OPI Ink is one to have in your posession.