Friday, April 3, 2009

Quest for My Pretty - 80 Miles reached!

Check it out!

I did it! I ran 80 miles! And I did it a week before Easter! I kicked the crap out of my goal!

I had said at the beginning of this that I hoped my reward would be a smaller dress size. No such luck this time - that's ok. I can reward myself in other ways.

I thought these lovely babies would do just nicely:

Nanette Lepore Heartbreaker Boots in Bronze from Bluefly

I purchased those this week during a sale. They arrived two days ago. I told my husband he could have them until I reached 80 miles. He, being the smart guy he is, told me "oh no. At 80 miles you get ONE boot. You have to do another 80 to get the other one." I was ready to go along with this until the boots arrived. They arrived and I couldn't fit my feet into them - no size zipper. I tried the "plastic bag" technique, which did get my foot in but was way too much work (I'm going to write a post about this later - it was just too crazy of an idea). So in the end, I will have to send these beautiful babies back to Bluefly. So much for my sexy rocker boots.

So I need another reward, and another goal. I'm going to take a day off, then start back up. I hope to have a new reward and a new goal by then. I ask you, dear readers, for suggestions.

On a side note - anyone else ticked they seemed to have killed off Brian Austin Green on Sarah Connor Chronicles? That happened in the middle of my last mile on the eliptical and I nearly fell off.