Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bath and Body 75% off

Use code "mom" at checkout on Rescue Beauty Lounge and get Bath and Body products at 75% off! Honestly, I don't think these products are worth the price and more than 75% off so it's a good time to stock up if you like them. Offer good through May 10th.

Here are my thoughts on the products.

The Scents
  • The Wild Rosemary Pamplemouse is a very strange smell to have in the bathroom, but it's refreshing. I have it in a body scrub I use in the shower. It's nice.
  • The Citrus Vert is quite... orange/citrus smelling. It's nice if you like that, but not particularly surprising
  • Spiced Floral is by far my favorite of the scents. I don't usually like flower smelling items, but I love this one. It's subtle enough that the floral doesn' t become nauseating.
The Products Themselves - I've only tried three thus far
  • Body Lotion - it's nice. I use it at night. It sinks in a bit better than other lotions I've used in the past. It's a worthwhile purchase at this price, but don't look for anything earth shattering.
  • The Exfoliating Body Wash - this is really mild and tame. I get more exfoliating action from my loofah sponge. But it does make my skin feel quite nice too so I won't knock it too hard
  • Hand Lotion - Sinks in well if you massage it well. Can feel a tad bit thick though. But it's not bad. Again, not an earth shattering product.