Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Pea on Sale at Ruelala Tomorrow

SweetPea will be on sale at RueLaLa tomorrow, April 21 at 11 AM EDT.

Image from RueLala

Sweet Pea always reminds me of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I don't actually know if they clothed Ms. Summers or her sister in Sweet Pea but the style of the tops was very similar. During the run of the show I discovered Sweet Pea on Bluefly. I purchased a top at one point. It is still in my closet even though I can not fit into it. In truth even when I bought it the shirt was a little tight. But either way I enjoy the use of prints. And this brand reuses their style a lot so if you see something but don't like the print, most likely you can find the same design in a different one.

Word of Caution: From personal experince I know that it's a little difficult for a size 10/12 to fit into some of Sweet Pea's items marked "L". When I was a size 8 I had no trouble. I don't know if that's changed in the 6 + years since I last purchased Sweet Pea but I wouldn't feel right without giving you that warning. By the way, the style shirt I purchased was very similar to the one in promo picture up above.

As usual, if you want an invite to Rue La La, please let me know.