Friday, April 10, 2009

"Window Shopping" - Jean Paul Gaultier on Gilt Group

I found most of the Jean Paul Gaultier sale on Gilt this week to be pretty dull. The colors were more suited to fall, the designs, not interesting enough for me to justify the price tag. I was really hoping to see a pink pointy bra or plastic orange suspenders, you know? The model they used - I thought her face looked dirty in every picture (even though I know it wasn't). I was just not a fan.

That being said, there were some very pretty pieces...

There was one dress that caught Sumo's eye, and thus mine as well. From the front it looks like a beautiful tiger (though they call it Zebra) striped dress:

Zebra Striped V-Neck Gown from Jean Paul Gaultier at Gilt Group

So this part of the dress is not that surprising but wait until you see the back!

And the detail is even cooler:

Awesome Tiger Detail

How do you like that for some fun with print? Much more interesting, in my opinion. Almost like a tattoo.

Sumo and I both pulled out this lovely so I have to give it a shoutout:

Floral Print Pearl Detail Dress

Part of Sumo's interest, I think, comes from her observation that many dresses we've seen recently seem to be taking their print cues from Chinese wall art. I hope to interview her about this trend at some point - sometimes she notices the influence where I would not see it. In this dress, however, I think it's obvious.

An Anonymous User pointed this jacket out. And wow, is it ever awesome!

Assymetrical Peplum Back Jacket

The Back of This Awesome Jacket

The front of this jacket reminds me of the Visiting Professor Sweater that Anthropologie sold on their site last year:

Visiting Professor Cardigan from Anthropologie

Of course it's not the same - this has a far more casual feel (particularly with the green color) but I thought it might be worth pointing out for people who may want to watch Anthro for items similar to this jacket. I suspect we'll be seeing variations on this theme at that store for a while. The price tag was definitely cheaper.

My Invitation Link to Gilt Group