Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Window" Shopping John Galliano on Rue-La-La

I am totally in love with these prints! I don't usually go for prints because it's really hard, to me, to figure out how to wear them, but I have to admit - the John Galliano offering from Rue-La-La this week totally reinvigorated me for my quest to get down to a size that can wear some of these things. The best thing about this sale - so much more affordable than I thought it would be!

Bright Multi-Print Silk Sleeveless Dress - $189

Awesome take on the slip dress, I think. I would love to rock this dress with some really black lace up boots. I noticed this model is rocking this seasons "Aggressive Black Shoe" trend. I also love the chunky black bangle on the model's wrist. Pulling the bold accessories here balances the dress nicely, makes sure that the craziness of the dress isn't overpowering.

Black Silk Long Dress - $289

What an awesome gown! I love the neckline in particular and the detail. I think it would be very flattering and interesting. Of course, some time of shapewear would be needed due to how clingy the fabric probably is. But hey, if you can handle this dress, then more power to you! It's also a slight bit "Morticia Addams", if you know what I mean. I definitely get a bit of a goth vibe from this. An elegant, sophisticated goth vibe, but it's there.

Multi-Print Silk Ruffled Tiered Dress -$289

You might recognize this from the promo for the sale. I love the vibrancy of the fabric used and I think the ruffles are quite playful. My only concern is that the patch-work style of the print could come across looking a little "Ragetty Ann". Not sure I'm digging the shoes the model wore with the dress. I would have gone with black like some of the other multicolored dresses. You'll notice the chunky bracelet seems to have become a theme, though this time in silver. This is cute and girly. Very young, though.

Floral Long Sleeve Tee - $89

Had I not been so obsessed with the dresses, I could have snagged this beauty for myself in an XL. This is totally my style, or at least the direction I want to take it once I am able to. Comfy, funky, a bit of an edge, and I like the Asian influence in the print. Reminds me a bit of the Lucky Brand top I purchase from Rue-la-la a few weeks ago.

Abstract Floral Silk Top - $289

Now, this is what I consider a little more mature. I could see the swanky 40's plus women of Ann Arbor rocking this top. Can't see the women of Dayton getting away with it, though. I love the billowy sleeves and the tie at the waist that matches the neckline. The print is large and fun, not small and difficult to wear. What I don't understand is why it is the same price as the gorgeous black Morticia Addams dress I mentioned earlier. Seems a little lopsided in terms of pricing.

If you attended the sale, what did you like? For those of you who didn't what do you think?

As always, if you need an invite to Rue-la-la please let me know in comments below and I will send you an invitation.