Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Window" Shopping - Salvage on Hautelook This Week

This is heartbreaking! S0 many items I would wear if it weren't for the following issues:

1) My current body shape does not go well with clingy things
2) Even if my body type DID go with clingy things this brand does not offer XL.

If either of those two items weren't a problem, I'd be up about three really short dresses (really long shirt type things?) and a shirt right now. This clothing is like the best, most moist, mouthwatering chocolate cake: I would eat it all up and feel horrible about it later.

My inner rocker/tough chick/bad girl is drooling:


Opaline Hoodie on sale for $94

I've never been one for hoodies, but this would be one to make me rethink that. It's just so incredibly awesome... especially since you can unzip it and make it an interesting fly away cardigan style. Now here's the cool thing - since I knit, I could totally create a knock-off design hand knitted with the same silhouette. But it wouldn't be the same as this laced up grommet goodness!

Madgalia Top/Dress-ish-thing- on sale for $54

I'm loving this red brown color. And with my coloring it would look fantastic. I could see myself rocking this dress with a long chunky white/cream cardigan/duster (which I would probably knit myself) and a pair of knee-high boots like the Nanette Lapore Heartbreakers I probably have to return.

Axis Top/Dress-ish-thing- on sale for $97

This is no secret - I love things that lace up. I haven't sported this style since high school, but this dress/shirt-thing is like the burned version of a dress I used to wear to Rocky Horror. Kara sent me a link to this dress/shirt-thing and I just about died. It may be the first time that she ever sent me a link and said "This is so you!" and I completely agreed.

Cornelian Shirt -on sale for $71

Again, lace up. Again deep awesome not-quite-red color. Again, only available in XS and S. I actually would have purchased this if it were available in Large even though it might not fit me. But shirts have a much higher chance of fitting me than tight clingy dresses. I also love the two tone paneling done here and the little feather graphic. It makes it a slight bit more feminine than some of the items. Not quite as "tough chick".

And my favorite...

Horizon Top/Dress-ish-thing on sale for $101

Why does this dress remind me of every sci-fi show I love? Can you just see this tossed together in the Matrix world or someone walking around rocking it on Battlestar Galactica or Firefly? I totally can. The colors, the construction, the lace up seams in the arms (which I've never seen on anything). And to top it off it actually looks quite comfortable. I may have to paint this model just have this dress in some form.

And then there's the freaking BACK ...

... of course, in the detail the call this a "top" - but if it is I don't get why they style it like a dress.

Talk about a collection to energize me to get back in the gym. This time next year I want to be rocking the hell out of these shirts in my downtime!

That's purely from a guilty pleasure perspective - I totally realize the trashiness angle of these designs. But you have to understand something about me: I've always loved the sexiness aspect of something that laces up. Maybe that's indicative of being a child of the '80s.

I think the mens shirts are pretty cool too. I'd love to get my husband into something like that but he's too much "button-down/khakis and jeans/hard rock cafe shirt" guy for that.

I hate the male model but grommets are always fun!

I really hope Hautelook puts this brand on sale again sometime when I actually can fit into it and have extra cash lying around. I would have cleaned them out of all their size L's otherwise. Oh well. No chocolate cake for me today, or for a very long LONG long time.

Feel free to tell me how trashy it looks in the comments below. I totally know it!