Friday, May 29, 2009

Enjoying the Funny Pose - Bergdorf-Goodmann's Latest Email

I was greeted this morning by a Bergdorf-Goodmann emailer about Andrew Gn. I normally toss these out if they don't seem that interesting but something did catch my eye:

Aside from the gorgeous color red, did anyone else notice how really stupid this pose is on this girl? It looks like she's trying to stretch her back out from a crap and is staring very angrily at a clock on the wall. I know awkward poses are all the rage for models, but this one just looks... silly. Mostly I think it's where this poor girl is staring. She obviously hasn't learn from Tyra how to "smile with her eyes".

Speaking of Tyra, do you notice a similarity between the awkward pose up above and something the lovely Fo gave us during the last cycle of Teenage Muntant Ninja Models?

From the CW website

I believe they called this the "Gollum". Poor Fo... this horrendous picture got her ejected. I actually sort of liked her.

Someone should warn the poor model from Bergdorf-Goodmann. Granted, she is doing the Gollumn much better than Fo did.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chanel Tokyo Happening Collection - Face, Lips and Nails Oh my!

Got an email this morning with some very interesting stuff inside: Chanel Tokyo Happening. And I did some screen captures so you could see the pics!

My first thought was "Pastels, why am I interested in pastels?" The next thought was "Why is this email animated and how annoying is that?" Third thought: "Sparkly...."

I don't know what it is about sparkly pastel colors. OPI did it with the Yokahamas didn't they? We all wanted them but couldn't get our hands on them because they were an Asian exclusive too. I feared that this collection would be limited just like the Yokohamas but thankfully, it's available online now.

Here's what the collection consists of:

Les Tenders de Chanel ($65) - that's the funky pallette of pastels. They're calling it a highlight powder. Lets see how that holds up

Levres Scintillantes Glossimers ($27) - The colors are in Wish (blue), Lune (silver), Galactic (golid-ish), and Libellule (pink).

Le Vernis Nail Color ($23) - Similar to the lips, the colors are Galactic Touch (gold-ish), Lune d'Argent (silver), Blue Wish (blue), and Rose Libellule (pink).

The marketing description for this is "Rule-breaking, pastels for face, lips, and nails, inspired by the hip-haute style and attitude of Tokyo's Aoyama area. Limited Edition Exclusives." I don't know why they have to say "Limited Edition" and "Exclusives". It seems a bit redundant. Also what is "hip-haute" and why does it sound so much like "hip-hop"? Did they intende it to?

I think if I get anything it'll be whatever's blue. But while I love Chanel, I hate the prices. it's usually cheaper to stick with MAC for me .

Help! Do These Shoes Fit?

Ever have that problem where your feat usually take a half-size shoe but the shoe is only in full sizes? I have the feeling many of you might. Well, I ran into this problem with the Born sale last week on Ruelala. I ordered two pairs of shoes (at $45 a pop, how could I not?), and the Born Haze shoes arrived today. Being an 8.5, I erred on the side of caution and purchased 9s.

Here's the shoe:

I put my foot into these babies and I swear my feet sighed in relief. They are THAT comfortable. At least for the first few minutes. I have no idea wearing them longer. It was like stepping on the softest, yet supported, pillow I've ever stepped on. Much nicer on my feet than my other shoes.

Here's the problem:


As you can see, my heel fits in the right spot. My toes - they don't reach the edge (or really even come all that close). But the straps fit nicely, the shoe does not slide off my feet, I don't feel any pressure for my foot to slide farther down the shoe, and my feet have never felt so pampered in my entire life. If I loosen the strap my feet go further down the bed, but then I have heel room. I don't know if an 8 would be better for me. My friend Kara (who wears a 7.5 I think) tried them on and they were very obviously too big - both her heels and her toes didn't reach the end of the foot bed.

So what do I do? Since it's a Ruelala sale, I can't really return them for a different size (I don't think). I can return them for store credit. But do I even want to return them? I mean seriously - feet in heaven! I do have another pair coming soon, a different pair I ordered. Those are also 9s. Does this spell bad news for them? Is it even bad news? I've never worn Born shoes before so I have no idea if this is good or bad.

So I checked Born's website:

This chick (with really funky leggings) is wearing Born Bomb... and her toes hang over. If you check out their Get The Look section of their site you'll see her toes coming very close to the edge if not over on all the shoes she and her fellow models are modeling. Is this how they are supposed to fit? I know sometimes you don't always get the exact sizes you need for runway shows, so I'm sure the same holds true for photo shoots.

So I did a Google search for "Born Haze" and got results for a "Porn Star Jenna Haze born on..." Yeah, that's not going to help. Not unless I'm trying to fit shoes on her boobs.

And here I am - my blog. If I can't ask questions here, where can I ask them? What do you think? Are they too big? Do I sacrifice size/looks because they are comfortable? Do I return them and order a size smaller for twice the price on Zappos?

I think the Born Tarts will be here tomorrow... I should look that up on Google too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scrangie just made my day - Lippmann Collection 10th Aniversary Collection

I've had a hard day. I was giving a presentation (in person, not over the web - which terrifies me), the product I've been working on is supposed to release tomorrow, I haven't been able to get to the gym all week (or most weeks lately) and I'm a nervous wreck. Then I get back from some bad news and there's Scrangies's Wonderful Post...

Ok, actually I'm not going to show you the pic - I'm going to make you go to Scrangie to see it. It has her watermark and I don't want to upset her (it's one of my favorite nail polish blogs). But once you see... oh man.

I'm going to go drool right now and ignore the outside world.

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weightloss Report

Too much Partying this weekend! There's no denying it. I made bad choices. I drank too much, ate too much, and tried a few too many things in the kitchen (I'll post more about that later).

I don't think my goal of 100 miles by June 19th is realistic at this point. I am also starting to think that simply having mileage goals is a good idea. I need to incorporate weights, I have to do more core training. And I won't do it as much as I should if I stay tied to running goals. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Weight: 191 lbs (Down a pound, but I don't trust my scale. I don't trust the new one I purchased either. Back to Bed Bath and Beyond).

What I did right this week: Got into the gym a little more, did some more walking around the block (including once at lunch when I knew I wouldn't get any time in the gym later in the day).

What I want to improve on next week: Still the food. I think I need to start writing down what I'm eating.

Goals in Progress

Old Goals

Look - Playing with Scary Colors: MAC Parrot and Entremauve Pigment

It may be messy but I'm proud of this one. I've been trying to use colors lately that I don't normally touch and build a wearable look out of it. Sometimes that's still hard to do, particularly with very bold colors. So when Kara's Bachelorette/Bridal Party came along I finally had an opportunity.

Before I begin: Entremauve pigment is still my enemy! It's a gorgeous color, but it gets everywhere! I know pigment has a tendency to have fallout issues, but Entremauve is one of the worst. It's very hard to clean up. It's just so gorgeous, though...

The Breakdown

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Parrot Eye Shadow (LE) - All over Lid
  • MAC Entremauve Pigment (LE) - Blended n at corner and into the crease
  • MAC Shore Leave Eye Shadow (LE) - Brow highlight, under eye and inner corner
  • MAC Beautiful Iris Eye Shadow - Under eye, blending into the Entremauve at outer corner
  • MAC Mystery Eye Kohl (LE) - Liner on lower lashes
  • MAC Contrast Eye Shadow - Used as liner on upper lid. I swear this shadow makes a better liner than my Prussian eye pencil.
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish (LE)
  • MAC Grand Duo Blush (LE)
  • MAC Studio Tech Concealer in NC15
  • MAC Secret Crush See Thru Lip Color - so awesome if you know you'll be drinking... a lot.
  • MAC Heartfelt Pink Lipglass

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OPI Matte Collection - Temptalia and All Lacquered Up reports

Apparently, this is coming for July:

Image from Temptalia

I don't usually get my nail news from Temptalia, so I was surprised when I saw this. I did a search in my RSS feeds and realized that the usual nail blogs I read have been reporting on this for quite some time - I've just had my matte blinders on or something.

Anyway, If you would like to learn more...
And don't miss this post from All Lacquered Up showing us how to play with glosses AND mattes together (this actually makes me want to try mattes).

Polish - China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Hands down, easily in my top 10 favorite polishes. I love Rodeo Fanatic and for good reason. This complex color is not only jaw dropping, but it wears so well!

The Color: Electric blue-teal. I swear there's purple in there somewhere too. Very Similar to MAC Whirlwind.

MAC Whirlwind on Left, China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic on Right

The Formula: It's a two coater, though you may want to add a third just to make the color deeper.

The Wear: One of the best. I put this on with Sally Hansen Miracle Cure, Orly Bonder, then topped it off with Lippmann Addicted to Speed and I have minimal tip wear (for me) after three days.

The Bottom Line: It's a MUST HAVE if you're a fan of blues, greens, and everything in between.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Look - Army Green! Playing with Sumptuous Olive

I recently purchased an olive/army green skirt from The Gap. I know, BAD STYRCH! I have to quit shopping at the Gap. I'm never happy with what I buy. But the skirt did inspire my eye...

The Breakdown

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow
  • MAC Saturnal Eye Shadow (LE)
  • MAC Sumptuous Olive Eye Shadow
  • MAC Naked Lunch Eye Shadow
  • MAC Lithograph Fluidline (LE)
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15
  • MAC Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish (LE)
  • MAC Love Thing Mineralize Blush
  • MAC Tender Tryst See Thru Lip Color
  • MAC Magnetique lipglass

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Look - What to do with Slick Cream Color Base

I've had MAC's Cream Color Base in Slick for a while now. I never use it. So one day I spotted it in my makeup drawer and decided to figure out something with it. I liked the result, but I have to warn you - if you use Slick on your eyes be prepared for a lot of creasing by the end of the day. I must say I far prefer paints and paint pots than using a Cream Color Base.

Slick is a discontinued color. I found mine at the Cosmetic Company Outlet in Jeffersonville, OH. They don't always have a great selection. It can be hit or miss. If you're looking for something in particular, it's best to call first. But you can get some great deals.

The Breakdown

  • MAC Cream Color Base in Slick
  • MAC Brill Eye Shadow
  • MAC Shore Leave Eye Shadow
  • MAC Prussian Powerpoint liner
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Lightscapade
  • Grand Duo Blush
  • MAC Plum Dandy
  • MAC Heartfelt Pink

Shoe Surgery - When you can't find what you want....

... work with what you have.



Yeah I've had these for years. I rarely wear them because of the tie strap. It comes undone a lot and is just annoying. Sure these shoes are discolored, faded, even stained in some places because of years of use but I needed a good slide with a wedge heel that felt comfortable. There you have it.

I do not recommend doing this on anything but old shoes you're planning on tossing. Don't ever buy shoes with the idea that you'll alter them - that's just silly.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Look - Uhura Inspired Look Take 2

Ok, I had to try it again - the crazy winged liner. I did go see Star Trek a second time and thought I saw more gold in Uhura's eye makeup than I had seen before. So this is a different take.

The Breakdown

Eyes - please excuse the brows
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Cosmic Eye Shadow (LE) - on lid
  • MAC Star Violet Eye Shadow - in crease. Awesome color. I highly recommend picking it up
  • MAC Claire de Lune Eye Shadow (LE) - highlight
  • MAC Blitz & Glitz Fluidline - awesome alternative to Blacktrack if you don't want a harsh line.
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC15
  • MAC Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish (LE)
  • MAC Grand Duo Mineralize Blush Duos (LE) - mixed both sides
Lips - I think this is one of the best lip combos I've done in a while.
  • MAC Dervish Lip Liner
  • MAC Danse Lipstick (LE)
  • MAC Jellybabe Lip Gilee - by the way, don't be scared of how dark this looks in the tube. It looks like a dark plumb, bronze, brown but it's very sheer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Anthropologie Provides Humor Again - Sleeve Science

So once again Anthropologie caught my attention by sending me something that looks completely ridiculous in my inbox.

"Sleeve Science" they are calling this collection of shirts/cover-ups. Quite honestly, I do think some of these items will look better on than in this ad or on the page in the website. However I can't help but be reminded of the Choir Robes I wore in high school.

The other thing it has me thinking is If this shape is a perfectly acceptable beautiful shape, then what's to stop me from making it myself and saving myself? I don't want to pay $88 for a fabric square folded diagonally with the corners cut off and some minimal seaming and cuffing with a whole in the center. Of course, I also don't want spend the time - which may make the purchase a perfectly reasonable thing (assuming I think the purchase is a good one to begin with, which I'm not sure I do).

Go to the site, check out the offerings. There are many more wing-shaped, poncho shaped, choir robe-shaped items to choose from.

Friday Fun: Anaface - Facial Beauty Analysis

Oh Gosh, why would anyone do this to themselves? Oh wait, that's right, I'm sometimes a masochist.

So when BellaSugar posted this link to Anaface last week I just had to try it. And then retry it. Then try it again on a different image. Then another image. Then zoomed in on an image. Then zoomed in on another image. Then I had to take pictures really straight on to try to get it more accurate. Then I had to zoom in... You get the idea. It became my toy for the week.

The purpose of Anaface is to analyze your face based on idea mathamatical proportions to see how "perfect" your face is. I think I saw something on a television show on this which used Halle Barry as the closest to the most perfect face they could find. Yeah, I buy that.

Well, this analysis using Anaface is all subject to human accuracy, the picture you took, etc. I had result scores rating from around 6.something to 8.something all depending on which image. The more accurate I tried to be, the worse score (of course).

However there were consistencies:
  • My face has really good horizontal symetry
  • My "interocular distance" (which I assume is the distance between my eyes is too small)
  • My nose is too wide for my face
  • My nose is too wide for my mouth (though sometimes it did tell me it wasn't)
  • And my nose is too long/narrow for my face -which I dissagree with
So I guess my nose is a "problem". I've never liked my nose - it's always been wide. My mother said when I was born she was happy I didn't get the nose that runs on her side of the family - I definitely have my dad's nose.

Have you tried Anaface? What did you think?

Anaface - Facial Beauty Analysis - Score Your Face

Polish: Lippmann Collection Good Girl Gone Bad

I frakking love this polish - and I have an inability to photograph it well.

The Color: Raspberry with raspberry glitter. I love it. Yummy! I know the bottle looks like it has silver glitter, but on the nail it looks very berry. It could be that the base covers up the silver, I don't know.

The Formula: Sadly, this is a 3 coater, but it behaves better under quick drying top coats than other polishes we know (yes, I'm looking at you Zoya Suvi).

The Wear: I can wear it for days and days without any chips other than those caused by the poor quality of my nails.

The Bottom Line: Purchase the Party Like a Rockstar kit. Then write Deborah Lippmann and tell her she needs to make this a permanent color.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Designer Education - Gossip Girl Fashion Blair's Prom Dress

When I was watching Gossip Girl last week and saw Blair's prom dress I knew I had seen it before.

Image from Gossip Girl Report

Believe me - this doesn't happen too often to me. Most of the time I'm hunting down something I thought was cool. This time I absolutely knew I had seen it. I just wasn't sure where I had seen it. I began looking through some pictures on my computer and found this inside a folder of awesome dresses I had set aside for paintings/drawings:

I had no meta data attached to the photo telling me anything, nor could I remember where I snagged it from. At the time I never intended to do anything with it but hang onto it for painting. All I knew was that the image was labeled "10m".

Turns out, you wait a few days and everyone on the internet who has the slightest bit of interest is noting what the people on Gossip Girl wore. It ends up the "m" in 10m must stand for "Marchesa" because it's a Marchesa dress from 2008. AH ha! Proof it's ok to wear something past season! So of course I looked up Marchesa (yay Googgle).

This dress gets around:

Dita Von Tease and Georgina Chapman
Image from Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Marchesa is a designer label that began in 2004. The roots go way back to way back to Marchesa Luisa Casati, an aristocrat in the 19th century. She was apparently a bit o a nut, seating manequins at her dinner table and wearing snakes as jewelry. Ok, that last part is sort of sexy. You remember Salma Hayak in From Dusk 'Till Dawn, right?

Anyway, The line itself is known for it's intricate dresses, like the one featured on Gossip Girl. Primary designer is Georgina Chapman. I guess she and her brother own the brand. Marchesa apparently also has a more casual line called Marchesa Notte. Check out New York Magazine's Fashion site for more information including contact info and where to buy. I love it when I see phone numbers!

Polish: Zoya Suvi

Zoya, sometimes you can be so cruel...

This is an example of what happens when a polish takes 3 coats to become totally opaque and uniform, then you add a fast dry top coat. You sit for an hour, and still get smudges when you go to put the laundry away. See how messy my nails are???

The Color: Beautiful forest green. Better than "Follow the yellow brick road" green. I'm tempted to say I like it better than Zulu. It's a black based green. If you put on a thin coat you'll see it. If you don't cover until it's opaque you'll get spots where you see black with your nail showing through - and that isn't attractive.

The Formula: 3 coats! Why are you doing this to me? This is definitely a case where the polish could be thicker or a little more concentrated, and I would have far fewer complaints.

The Bottom Line: Those of you who love greens probably already have this. Those of you who do not - get it only if you can tolerate the time it takes to dry.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nordstroms Half-Yearly Sale Starts Today

I'm sure you've heard already but I thought I should post just in case. Nordstrom's half-yearly sale starts today. I'm going to be shopping shoes and accessories. But for those of you who can take advantage of the designer clothing, more power to you!

Wish me luck on finding some nice summer shoes!

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

It's that time of the week again...

I had a rough time this week. I think I injured the tendons in my left foot, and the calf muscle in my left leg got really sore (I read on the internet that sometimes a tight calf muscle can cause tendon issues in the feet, believe it or not). In addition I may have hurt a nerve because my entire leg has been feeling tingly. Because of that I've really been taking it easy. I couldn't do much walking because I was in a lot of pain. I think it was caused by my Sketchers. I am NOT used to totally flat shoes and after walking for 2 days in them my foot just hurt. I need a couple of one inch thick soles I think. Yes, the Sketchers did have insoles in them but it wasn't enough.

Weight: 192 lbs (again, no change).

What I did right this week: Even though I was injured I did get on the elliptical when I felt I could. Some people may view this as a bad thing to do, but I'm happy I did it.

What I want to improve on next week: Food. I let that slide this week. I ate at PF Changs twice and that is something no one should ever do (seriously, read their nutritional information). I need to get back to some healthier eating and watch my portions.

Goals in Progress

Old Goals

Lippmann Collection 20% off Sale

Just got a little notice in my email box - Lippmann is having a 20% off sale. Code is Summer2009.
3Days only.

My Favorites:
  • Bitches Brew
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  • Holiday
  • Good Girl Gone Bad - In the Party Like A Rockstar kit.

Polish: China Glaze 2Nite

The night I put this on I asked my husband what color he thought I should wear and he said "periwinkleblue" so fast I couldn't tell what the heck he said. When I stared at him blankly he said "It's a joke from the movie Snatch - I swear it's not a porno." Ok...

The Color: Periwinkleblue, apparently. Light blue-purple with holos like you wouldn't believe.

The Formula: A two-coater. Yay! You might be able to get by with one depending on how thick the coat is. I should warn you - it can be a little runny but it's worth the pain.

The Wear: Worked will with my base and top coats. No more problems than usual.

The Bottom Line: If you can find it, it's totally worth it so long as it's not ebay prices.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Accessorizing the Dress - Help Me Out?

A very good friend of mine came to me with a problem last week: Wedding in New Orleans in July but nothing to wear but a dress she's had since high school. We both agreed it was time to ditch the high school dress. I started bombarding her with options from Bluefly and Norstrom sales. I suggested a maxi dress for her, but I hadn't quite found one she liked. While I was dress hunting for her, she managed to find this at Express:

Express Maxi Halter Dress in Pitch Black for $88

Awesome buy! I never think of Express for shopping because for most of my Express experience they didn't have a website from which to shop. But hey, there's still mall shopping (which I tend to forget because I like shopping from the comfort of my computer). Personally I can't wear maxi dresses - they make me look very pregnant. But my friend is a skinny, tall blond and will be able to pull it off very well I'm sure.

Just a side note - whoever decided to call these long, nightgown-resembling dresses "Maxi" dresses really should have thought of a better name. I'm constantly reminded of feminine products whenever I hear/see that adjective.

So my friend, having found her dress asked me what she should do to accessorize it. Ah ha... the fun begins!

Shoe Ideas

Leola by On Your Feet (Chinese Laundry) - on sale $29.99

The reason I suggested Chinese Laundry's On Your Feet Leola was mostly because the Gladiator style is still going strong. My friend is so tall if you put her in heels she could tower over everyone. That's not to say she can't - she'll look great either way. But Chinese Laundry is having a sale on sandals right now, plus $5 shipping on all orders, and their Mystery Coupon event until May 17th. Yes, May 17th has come and gone but at the time I suggested these to my friend the deal was still on. Chinese Laundry IS still having a Sandal, sale though... Might be time to pick up these....

Chinese Laundry Bobbi On sale for $50.15

I think a metallic sandal could be totally fun and unpredictable under this dress. What do you think? Ok, it might be a little much. Maybe I'll just have to get the Bobbis for myself...


hmmm... Honestly not my strong suit in terms of suggesting things. She could totally go with a set of bangles the way Express suggests in the picture. Or something chunky. Either way, I'd coordinate with the shoes. Leather sandals? Wooden bracelets. Metallic? yeah, silver bangles work nicely.

Eyes - if she can still find it, I'd suggest Chanels Mystic Eyes quad. Super easy to make light, elegant, fun eyes with that quad. Pick up a MAC Reflects Glitter to glitz it up if she wants, but she doesn't have to.
Cheeks - I'm a big fan of MAC's latest Just a Pinch gel blush. Easily sheered out, plus you can put powder or blush over it and just use it as a base.
Lips - MAC Dervish Liner with Nars Venice lipstick. It might be a little too pale pink, but she could add any gloss over it to change the tint of the pink. And I know this combo would look awesome on her.


Since the wedding is in a zoo we can probably safely say it's not very dressy. But I would still get some sort of wrap or a cardigan. White is probably a safe color - I wouldn't go black because it might darken the whole outfit too much.

One I like to suggest, if you know how to knit and have a free weekend is the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet over at Peony Knits. I've made several of these. Super easy, super fast, super easy to embelish any way you want. Short sleeves? no problem the pattern already has them in there. 3/4 inch sleeves? Just keep knitting. Cables? Put them anywhere you like. What you want a button band? No problem. Awesome pattern.

Most Important: Girl, get yourself a strapless bra. A good one.

So what are your thoughts? I know many of you out there have ideas. What would you have my tall-leggy blond bombshell friend wear?

Style Warrior Collection Up on MAC Site

I guess some of the items were available last week if you hunted through their site, but the actual collection is now together as a whole.

Free Shipping Code: WARRIOR valid until May 24th.

I'm thinking about Bright Sunshine eye shadow (I have one yellow and it's not a true yellow) and Impassioned because I'm just a taupe/brown fan. But I think I'm going to hold out for the Naked Honey collection coming up.

If you want to see some swatches/reviews, check these lovely sites out:
Not a complete list obviously.

Polish: OPI Pretty & Privileged

What do you think? It sure is red! I didn't think too much of this one when I saw the promo images but I saw a few shots around the various polish blogs and decided to get it. I don't think I've ever gotten more compliments on a red polish as I did this one.

The Color: Deep metallic cherry red. It's not an orange-yellow based red, but not quite a blue either. The color really reminds me of I'm Not Really A Waitress, but it's a bit darker if I recall. Might be a touch more pretty (did I just dis a classic???). I really should swatch them together.

The Formula: Oh it's fine.

The Wear: I had good luck with this color. I had a couple of chips by the end of my first day of wear it but that was due to my poor nail quality not the polish.

The Bottom Line: If you like it and can't find it, get INRAW. I do not think they are different enough to need to own both.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Warning - Toes: Rescue Beauty Longe Locavore

Bet ya didn't know Locavore means "a person who attempt to eat only foods grown locally". At least according to I have no idea what that has to do with this polish. Definitely the strangest name I've encountered in a while.

Got some messy toes for you today. Here's Locavore in all her difficult-to-clean-up beauty. This one definitely does look like I dipped my toes in glue and sprinkled kindergarten glitter all over it. But she's still pretty!

The Color: Glitter on Crack, really. It has gold, green, and purple/fuchsia glitter. I purchased this because it seemed the most complex of Ji Baek's glitter creations.

The Formula: It's a glitter polish. Not much more to say about that.

The Wear: Since it is a glitter polish, you know it'll wear well.

The Bottom Line: Wow is this a complex polish! But I still think the price is too steep. I'm glad I got it on sale.

Look - Star Trek's "Nyota Uhura" Inspired Look

You have all seen the new Star Trek right? If not, go see it. It's good. I'm a long time Star Trek fan and I loved it.

Believe it or not, this look was inspired by Zoe Saldana's makeup as Uhura (pictured left). There's really nothing similar between me an Uhura, so some of you may wonder why I would try a look inspired by her look. Well, if you look closely at her face (especially when it's all blown up large in the movie) you'll find they are using a lot of neutrals. Granted, the neutrals used on her look quite a bit different on me, but I had to try.

For Zoe's eyes, it looked like she had a light plum on her lid with a little brown mixed in at the corner. Sometimes during the movie I saw a flash of pink above the main lid. This is just my guess. I could be WAY off. Then there's the awesome winged eye liner. I've never seen anyone rock the winged liner quite like Zoe Saldana. Those were some pretty fierce wings! Black is a little harsh on me so I decided to try grey liner instead.

So this is how my face turned out. Sorry I'm so in the sun my eyes are squinting too much.

My Breakdown (Not Ms. Saldana's)
By the way if anyone finds a breakdown for Uhura's makeup, please send it to me! I think they used less shimmery items on by the way. But I created this with what I had available to me at the time.

The Eyes
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Circa Plum Pigment (LE) - All over lid
  • MAC Satin Taupe Shadow - Outer third, a little into the crease
  • MAC Show Stopper Eyeshadow (LE) - outer corner
  • MAC Next to Nothing Eye Shadow (LE) - Brow Highlight
  • MAC In Living Pink Eye Shadow (LE) - Crease
  • MAC Lithograph Fluidline (LE) - Exaggerated winged liner. Believe me, on me it really is exaggerated, but my eyes are so deep set it's hard to see. I wish MAC would make this permanent
The Face
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15
  • MAC Studio Tech Concealer in NC15
  • MAC Flirt And Tease Blush
  • MAC Stray Rose Blush
The Lips
  • MAC Prep + Prime Lips
  • MAC Dervish Lip Liner - in retrospect I wish I had chosen Lush n Lilac
  • MAC Full Blown Lipstick - I could NOT find any of my plum lipsticks so I very lightly used this dark reddish plum. I would have chosen something more like Plum Dandy.
  • MAC Viva Glam VI LE Lipglass