Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Accessorizing the Dress - Help Me Out?

A very good friend of mine came to me with a problem last week: Wedding in New Orleans in July but nothing to wear but a dress she's had since high school. We both agreed it was time to ditch the high school dress. I started bombarding her with options from Bluefly and Norstrom sales. I suggested a maxi dress for her, but I hadn't quite found one she liked. While I was dress hunting for her, she managed to find this at Express:

Express Maxi Halter Dress in Pitch Black for $88

Awesome buy! I never think of Express for shopping because for most of my Express experience they didn't have a website from which to shop. But hey, there's still mall shopping (which I tend to forget because I like shopping from the comfort of my computer). Personally I can't wear maxi dresses - they make me look very pregnant. But my friend is a skinny, tall blond and will be able to pull it off very well I'm sure.

Just a side note - whoever decided to call these long, nightgown-resembling dresses "Maxi" dresses really should have thought of a better name. I'm constantly reminded of feminine products whenever I hear/see that adjective.

So my friend, having found her dress asked me what she should do to accessorize it. Ah ha... the fun begins!

Shoe Ideas

Leola by On Your Feet (Chinese Laundry) - on sale $29.99

The reason I suggested Chinese Laundry's On Your Feet Leola was mostly because the Gladiator style is still going strong. My friend is so tall if you put her in heels she could tower over everyone. That's not to say she can't - she'll look great either way. But Chinese Laundry is having a sale on sandals right now, plus $5 shipping on all orders, and their Mystery Coupon event until May 17th. Yes, May 17th has come and gone but at the time I suggested these to my friend the deal was still on. Chinese Laundry IS still having a Sandal, sale though... Might be time to pick up these....

Chinese Laundry Bobbi On sale for $50.15

I think a metallic sandal could be totally fun and unpredictable under this dress. What do you think? Ok, it might be a little much. Maybe I'll just have to get the Bobbis for myself...


hmmm... Honestly not my strong suit in terms of suggesting things. She could totally go with a set of bangles the way Express suggests in the picture. Or something chunky. Either way, I'd coordinate with the shoes. Leather sandals? Wooden bracelets. Metallic? yeah, silver bangles work nicely.

Eyes - if she can still find it, I'd suggest Chanels Mystic Eyes quad. Super easy to make light, elegant, fun eyes with that quad. Pick up a MAC Reflects Glitter to glitz it up if she wants, but she doesn't have to.
Cheeks - I'm a big fan of MAC's latest Just a Pinch gel blush. Easily sheered out, plus you can put powder or blush over it and just use it as a base.
Lips - MAC Dervish Liner with Nars Venice lipstick. It might be a little too pale pink, but she could add any gloss over it to change the tint of the pink. And I know this combo would look awesome on her.


Since the wedding is in a zoo we can probably safely say it's not very dressy. But I would still get some sort of wrap or a cardigan. White is probably a safe color - I wouldn't go black because it might darken the whole outfit too much.

One I like to suggest, if you know how to knit and have a free weekend is the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet over at Peony Knits. I've made several of these. Super easy, super fast, super easy to embelish any way you want. Short sleeves? no problem the pattern already has them in there. 3/4 inch sleeves? Just keep knitting. Cables? Put them anywhere you like. What you want a button band? No problem. Awesome pattern.

Most Important: Girl, get yourself a strapless bra. A good one.

So what are your thoughts? I know many of you out there have ideas. What would you have my tall-leggy blond bombshell friend wear?