Friday, May 22, 2009

Anthropologie Provides Humor Again - Sleeve Science

So once again Anthropologie caught my attention by sending me something that looks completely ridiculous in my inbox.

"Sleeve Science" they are calling this collection of shirts/cover-ups. Quite honestly, I do think some of these items will look better on than in this ad or on the page in the website. However I can't help but be reminded of the Choir Robes I wore in high school.

The other thing it has me thinking is If this shape is a perfectly acceptable beautiful shape, then what's to stop me from making it myself and saving myself? I don't want to pay $88 for a fabric square folded diagonally with the corners cut off and some minimal seaming and cuffing with a whole in the center. Of course, I also don't want spend the time - which may make the purchase a perfectly reasonable thing (assuming I think the purchase is a good one to begin with, which I'm not sure I do).

Go to the site, check out the offerings. There are many more wing-shaped, poncho shaped, choir robe-shaped items to choose from.