Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chanel Tokyo Happening Collection - Face, Lips and Nails Oh my!

Got an email this morning with some very interesting stuff inside: Chanel Tokyo Happening. And I did some screen captures so you could see the pics!

My first thought was "Pastels, why am I interested in pastels?" The next thought was "Why is this email animated and how annoying is that?" Third thought: "Sparkly...."

I don't know what it is about sparkly pastel colors. OPI did it with the Yokahamas didn't they? We all wanted them but couldn't get our hands on them because they were an Asian exclusive too. I feared that this collection would be limited just like the Yokohamas but thankfully, it's available online now.

Here's what the collection consists of:

Les Tenders de Chanel ($65) - that's the funky pallette of pastels. They're calling it a highlight powder. Lets see how that holds up

Levres Scintillantes Glossimers ($27) - The colors are in Wish (blue), Lune (silver), Galactic (golid-ish), and Libellule (pink).

Le Vernis Nail Color ($23) - Similar to the lips, the colors are Galactic Touch (gold-ish), Lune d'Argent (silver), Blue Wish (blue), and Rose Libellule (pink).

The marketing description for this is "Rule-breaking, pastels for face, lips, and nails, inspired by the hip-haute style and attitude of Tokyo's Aoyama area. Limited Edition Exclusives." I don't know why they have to say "Limited Edition" and "Exclusives". It seems a bit redundant. Also what is "hip-haute" and why does it sound so much like "hip-hop"? Did they intende it to?

I think if I get anything it'll be whatever's blue. But while I love Chanel, I hate the prices. it's usually cheaper to stick with MAC for me .