Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chinese Laundry Offering $5 Shipping Plus Mystery Coupon

From now until May 17th if you shop on Chinese Laundry you'll get $5 standard shipping on any order plus a "mystery coupon" to put toward your next purchase. I guess the coupon can be anywhere from 15% to 30% off but you won't know until you get it. Might be just the thing to push me over the edge to getting another pair of Chinese Laundry shoes. My "Love Me" shoes are getting a little lonely.

I've had my eye on the following styles:

Bounty - $119

Okinawa - $79
(I need a nice slip on and go shoe and this might be it)

Leola - On sale for $29

Versus - On sale for $39.99

Morocco- $69
(if I could stand the toe strap)

I could keep on listing styles. Seriously, there are TONS on their site from all the different labels the carry. So check out each tab - there's something different under each of them. My strategy may be to purchase something cheaper, then go back with my "Mystery Coupon" and get something more expensive. What do you think?