Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day Dedicated Mike's Favorite Beauties

Today is my husband's birthday. He's turning 30 today and I wanted to celebrate it. In order to make his birthday relevant to my blog, I had to come up with something. So I'm dedicating this day to the gorgeous pretties he likes. By "pretties" I mean women. Mostly, I think he has wonderful choices. Some I disagree with. Most are just frakkin' awesome.

I hope, also, that I'm not forgetting anyone terribly important to Mike but I think I have at least a good handle on the ladies he likes.

Anyway, I'm sure you heterosexual men out there will enjoy today's posts far more than the women. Tune out, if it's not your cup of tea. Just remember - you'll get my spin because, well, it's MY blog! So, we'll do this day... then forget I ever posted all of this, and go back to the way things were. Right?

Happy birthday, Honey!