Friday, May 29, 2009

Enjoying the Funny Pose - Bergdorf-Goodmann's Latest Email

I was greeted this morning by a Bergdorf-Goodmann emailer about Andrew Gn. I normally toss these out if they don't seem that interesting but something did catch my eye:

Aside from the gorgeous color red, did anyone else notice how really stupid this pose is on this girl? It looks like she's trying to stretch her back out from a crap and is staring very angrily at a clock on the wall. I know awkward poses are all the rage for models, but this one just looks... silly. Mostly I think it's where this poor girl is staring. She obviously hasn't learn from Tyra how to "smile with her eyes".

Speaking of Tyra, do you notice a similarity between the awkward pose up above and something the lovely Fo gave us during the last cycle of Teenage Muntant Ninja Models?

From the CW website

I believe they called this the "Gollum". Poor Fo... this horrendous picture got her ejected. I actually sort of liked her.

Someone should warn the poor model from Bergdorf-Goodmann. Granted, she is doing the Gollumn much better than Fo did.