Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion at a Wedding in Michigan

As I mentioned earlier in my "Look" post, I went to a wedding this weekend. The wedding was for a good friend of my husband, and I was sort of threatened with being shunned for the rest of my life if I didn't make this one because I've missed so many other weddings during the five short years I've been married. Yes, this is what I was shopping for on my failed shopping experience back in March. If I couldn't find anything in a department store, I was shocked to actually find something on Ruelala:

Me in Velvet by Graham and Spencer

It's a miracle this dress actually IS knee length on me. I didn't have to get it hemmed! I know, it's not perfect but believe me it was the BEST out of all the things I tried on (Sumo can vouch for that). Yeah, the "girls" were being shown off a bit more than I wanted - I had purposely gone for a dress that wasn't low cut. My semi-mistake was the halter - it sort of enhanced things that didn't need enhancing. But this was one of those occasions that I didn't care because I just LOVED the color! And yeah, I'm wearing my "Dollhouse -Sierra" (Chinese Laundry "Love Me") shoes.

indi500fan, I know - the glasses age me. But I can't see without them - but I have to tell you: I HAVE CONTACTS NOW! Keep your fingers crossed that these ones don't burn my corneas out.

But if you want an accessory to age you, you can't go wrong with a sparkly jacket:

It's like a uniform! My daughter/son's getting married? Sparkly jacket! The kookie friend of the Mother of the Bride? Sparkly jacket. All of these women look lovely, don't get me wrong. It's just that it's a very predictable item to wear, especially for the Mother of the Bride. The crime, I think, is that there is SO MUCH you can do with a sparkly jacket if you're going to go sparkly and usually it ends up being some variation on silver and flowery. I'll admit, though - there's only so far you can go in getting creative with sequins before you end up in drag queen or matador territory. Speak of Matador, I may have to grab one and wear it to another wedding just to ditch the stereotype. But I'd crop mine shorter and make it less drapey, maybe a bit more fitted just to try to make it a little more youthful. Frumpy is frumpy even if it's sparkly.

Incidentally, my new friend Kristi (pictured further down below) saw fashion applications for the butterfly jacket. "It's like the sun!" she said. I couldn't agree with her more. The butterfly motif - that actually was unexpected. Butterfly lady, that's a potentially super cool jacket! But I wish it were a bolero.

Of course, the real looker of the evening was my husband:

He picked the shirt, I picked the tie. He wanted to match my "Blurple" dress. I kept telling him I wanted him to get a green shirt and a "blurple" tie (what can I say - I have a thing for the Joker) but in the end I'm glad he went his own way and got what he wanted. He looked hot!

Of course, the Bride and Groom were also stylin':

I'd talk about "uniforms" here too, but it's really tradition we'd be talking about. Sure, not all brides wear the white/cream/ivory dress and not all grooms wear the tux. But I still love it all the same. I never got a chance to ask the bride where she got her dress, but she looked lovely. It was a simple dress with splashes of sparkle here and there - nothing overly gaudy like some wedding gowns can be. Well played, Rachel!

Throughout the evening I kept taking pictures of people's clothing, particularly what was happening to it while they were dancing. Even the most beautiful outfit can be disasterous out on the dance floor.

For Example:

The woman who wore this green dress wore it very well. She accessorized it nicely with gorgeous black strappy shoes and a pretty beaded necklace that came down to her waist. I really wish I had a picture from the front to show you because the ensamble was so well put together. But that all changed when she waved her arms in the air.

A note to you dancers out there: if you're planning on dancing at a wedding reception, derriere skimming shirt dresses are probably not the best option.

I wanted to go over to her several times during the evening and let the poor woman in the green dress know that her butt was very close to hanging out (particularly when the dj played "Shout") but was stopped by the ogling hoard of 30-something drunken louts. It's probably best that she went unaware and enjoyed herself rather than being self conscious and embarrassed. So in the end I think the drunken hoard did her a favor by stopping big-mouthed me. What do you think? Better to stay unaware?

But just so we're clear, far more safe to go with something like this:

Just a hunch, but I think the empire fitted bodice helped this woman keep the dress in it's place. Aside from it being just a little bit longer of course. She looks great, doesn't she? I wish I had gotten a picture of her smiling, though.

I'll admit - I had more than one wardrobe malfunction that evening so I was not exempt either. I just didn't catch myself on film. I'm sure pictures will surface eventually. But I attribute my wardrobe malfunctions to vodka and stupidity.

Another dress I liked (and sadly, think I may have tried on during that horrid shopping fiasco back in March):

I have to admit I love the print. And this woman wore it nicely. I'm so jealous! I can't wait until I can fit into dresses like that.

Sadly my favorite dress of the evening was not one I caught with my camera. This gorgeous woman with dreadlocks had on this black dress that had a yellow-based flower print all over. It had an empire waist, was strapless and floor length. She was gorgeous like you wouldn't believe in that dress. I'll remember it for a long while - I'm just sad I can't share it with you.

Dresses aside, the fashion item of the evening was provided by this man:

Ryan, showing off his funky hat.

Warning: Slightly poor taste humor ahead.

When Ryan wears this hat, he likes to go by the name "Achmed". Unbeknownst to me, my husband decided to sell me to Achmed "for female goat". I was oddly flattered until my husband informed me that Achmed had purchased every woman that evening and I shouldn't feel special. He also said that he got the better end of the deal, provided Achmed comes through with the goat. But until then, I still belong to my husband. All this negotiation happened without my knowledge. Not sure I enjoy being bartered like livestock.

Incidentally, I think Ryan should be recruited as a spy. I think he could pass for many ethnicities if he wanted to do so

I also looked "Achmed" up on Google just to see if it was a real name. Apparently there's a comedian named Jeff Dunham out there who does an "Achmed the Dead Terrorist" act. Go figure. My husband said "Yeah, that's the guy I wanted to know if you wanted to see. He'll be at Wright State on May 14th. Wanna go?". Too bad the tickets that are left are crappy seats for way too expensive. Man, I'm so out of it when it comes to humor.

End of slightly poor taste humor...

... on to why Ryan's hat was the Fashion Accessory of the Night.

The hat got around...

On the Groom... (yes the bride wore it briefly but I didn't get a picture)

On my husband

On me

On Kristi, who someone mistook as my "Twin Sister"
(I am flattered - she's awesome!)

On the groom's brother

I would have liked to see that hat on the woman in the Butterfly Sparkly Jacket!

Non-fashion related - I learned the trick to getting the DJ to play stuff that you'll like: Tell him/her what year you graduated high school. The bride and groom being class of '96 we had some of the best music I've ever heard at a wedding. We ended up with some Bon Jovi, "Blister In the Sun", "Ice Ice Baby" (when things to got really silly), "The Humpty Dance", "The Safety Dance" (I have no idea what that is, but I missed it apparently), "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and a whole bunch of other music from my iPod. I swear I thought the DJ had run off with it. BEST time I have EVER had at a weddng reception.

To Mike and Rachel Muir - you guys know how to throw one heck of a party! Congratulations!