Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fun: Anaface - Facial Beauty Analysis

Oh Gosh, why would anyone do this to themselves? Oh wait, that's right, I'm sometimes a masochist.

So when BellaSugar posted this link to Anaface last week I just had to try it. And then retry it. Then try it again on a different image. Then another image. Then zoomed in on an image. Then zoomed in on another image. Then I had to take pictures really straight on to try to get it more accurate. Then I had to zoom in... You get the idea. It became my toy for the week.

The purpose of Anaface is to analyze your face based on idea mathamatical proportions to see how "perfect" your face is. I think I saw something on a television show on this which used Halle Barry as the closest to the most perfect face they could find. Yeah, I buy that.

Well, this analysis using Anaface is all subject to human accuracy, the picture you took, etc. I had result scores rating from around 6.something to 8.something all depending on which image. The more accurate I tried to be, the worse score (of course).

However there were consistencies:
  • My face has really good horizontal symetry
  • My "interocular distance" (which I assume is the distance between my eyes is too small)
  • My nose is too wide for my face
  • My nose is too wide for my mouth (though sometimes it did tell me it wasn't)
  • And my nose is too long/narrow for my face -which I dissagree with
So I guess my nose is a "problem". I've never liked my nose - it's always been wide. My mother said when I was born she was happy I didn't get the nose that runs on her side of the family - I definitely have my dad's nose.

Have you tried Anaface? What did you think?

Anaface - Facial Beauty Analysis - Score Your Face