Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funky French - Rescue Beauty Lounge Square Pants & Bikini Bottom

I had a little bit of fun...

When I first started seeing these two polishes popping up on the various nail blogs around I thought "Those two belong together!" So I purchased both of them at the Rescue Beauty Lounge Sale last week. I think it's the Wolverine in me that made me think of putting blue and yellow together. Plus "french" always makes my nails look longer to me. It's like faking it!

The Colors: Pale yellow and Tiffany blue.

The Formula: I don't normally like creams but these went on like butter. I did use three coats on Square Pants - it's a bit more sheer than I would have liked. I suspect had Bikini Bottom been the main color I would have the same issue. Upon close inspection, I came to the conclusion that this formula might not work well with my top coat (Lippmann Addicted To Speed). There was the dreaded shrinkage, and some very tiny bubbles. Both would be unnoticeable to the casual observer.

The Wear: So far today, really good!

The Bottom Line: I fully intend on purchasing other creams from Rescue Beauty Lounge based on these - but the colors are purely your preference. I suspect it would be easier to duplicated Bikini Bottom than Square Pants. Try China Glaze For Audrey perhaps. It's WAY more cheap.