Thursday, May 28, 2009

Help! Do These Shoes Fit?

Ever have that problem where your feat usually take a half-size shoe but the shoe is only in full sizes? I have the feeling many of you might. Well, I ran into this problem with the Born sale last week on Ruelala. I ordered two pairs of shoes (at $45 a pop, how could I not?), and the Born Haze shoes arrived today. Being an 8.5, I erred on the side of caution and purchased 9s.

Here's the shoe:

I put my foot into these babies and I swear my feet sighed in relief. They are THAT comfortable. At least for the first few minutes. I have no idea wearing them longer. It was like stepping on the softest, yet supported, pillow I've ever stepped on. Much nicer on my feet than my other shoes.

Here's the problem:


As you can see, my heel fits in the right spot. My toes - they don't reach the edge (or really even come all that close). But the straps fit nicely, the shoe does not slide off my feet, I don't feel any pressure for my foot to slide farther down the shoe, and my feet have never felt so pampered in my entire life. If I loosen the strap my feet go further down the bed, but then I have heel room. I don't know if an 8 would be better for me. My friend Kara (who wears a 7.5 I think) tried them on and they were very obviously too big - both her heels and her toes didn't reach the end of the foot bed.

So what do I do? Since it's a Ruelala sale, I can't really return them for a different size (I don't think). I can return them for store credit. But do I even want to return them? I mean seriously - feet in heaven! I do have another pair coming soon, a different pair I ordered. Those are also 9s. Does this spell bad news for them? Is it even bad news? I've never worn Born shoes before so I have no idea if this is good or bad.

So I checked Born's website:

This chick (with really funky leggings) is wearing Born Bomb... and her toes hang over. If you check out their Get The Look section of their site you'll see her toes coming very close to the edge if not over on all the shoes she and her fellow models are modeling. Is this how they are supposed to fit? I know sometimes you don't always get the exact sizes you need for runway shows, so I'm sure the same holds true for photo shoots.

So I did a Google search for "Born Haze" and got results for a "Porn Star Jenna Haze born on..." Yeah, that's not going to help. Not unless I'm trying to fit shoes on her boobs.

And here I am - my blog. If I can't ask questions here, where can I ask them? What do you think? Are they too big? Do I sacrifice size/looks because they are comfortable? Do I return them and order a size smaller for twice the price on Zappos?

I think the Born Tarts will be here tomorrow... I should look that up on Google too.