Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Went To A MAC Class! And Look Based on A Rose Romance

I've had individual makeup classes, but never a group makeup class before. Also, those classes were with Clinique, not MAC. So when Sumo and I went to Macy's MAC Counter at the Dayton Mall and found out they were going to be holding a class, I pounced on it. The focus of the class was to teach you to play up your best feature, either your eyes or your lips... maybe even your skin.

First, they weren't entirely truthful. I was told "Oh, you'll get a packet of information just like we get at our basic class". We got a packet, yes, but it was mostly blank paper for note taking. Not really all that much actual info in the packet. I guess that's how they get you to sit through the class.

The format of the class was this - you sit down at a table that looks like one of the best dreams you've ever had... except in this case, I owned most of the items on the table already.

  1. They make you watch a video of 3 MAC Pro artists talking about playing up your best features. They try to trick you by having two looks on the same model. The person running the session asked if we noticed - which I think you'd have to be blind not to. The flaming red hair was a giveaway.
  2. They pull someone out of the audience and start showing you how to do their makeup.
  3. You follow along doing make up on yourself at the same time.
All and all, a pretty good way to learn, I'd say. There were MAC employees at every table to assist all of us (mostly me - I was a high maintenance class attendee). The only real complaint I had about the set up was that the lighting at the table wasn't very good, thus I had a hard time seeing what I was really doing.

So what did I learn?
  1. The direction of your brush (how you're holding it) makes a huge difference in how your color gets deposited. For eyes, you want to hold your brush upside down to keep the color concentrated on the lid.
  2. The more soft, less dense brushes will deposit the least amount of color. The dense brushes will deposit the most amount of color. I was a little surprised they didn't mention which brushes to use on emollient based products vs powder.
  3. MAC Paint Pots are meant to last for about 6 to 8 hours. MAC Paints are meant to last 10-12 hours. So I guess they both have a place in our world.
  4. MAC Hyper Real Foundation is still available in MAC Pro Stores (a tid bit one of the artists in the class gave to me - I used to LOVE Hyper Real)
  5. Current make up trends focus on "Hydraluminous" skin. Whoops - guess I miss the boat on that one on a daily basis. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation is meant to help give you this look if you layer it over moisturizer.
  6. Balance your skin - if your cleanser strips you of your moisture, use Fix + and Moisturizer to put it back. Don't use a dry foundation over a dry face or you'll end up dry (like me).
  7. Prep + Prime has silicone in it - the silicone help your makeup expand and contract as necessary when going from indoor to outdoor, so your make up doesn't break as it expands and is introduced to different climates.
  8. You can rub coffee grounds on your butt to make it firmer. Don't ask me - they just started talking about it when Fast Response eye cream came up.
Want to see the look I created based upon the class instruction?

Sorry - had to use the flash and so I have zombie eyes going on again.

The Breakdown - All MAC

  • Painterly Paint Pot - all over lid. I used too much. You can tell because my lid is "cracking".
  • Et Tu Bouquet Eyeshadow (LE) - all over painterly paint pot
  • Cork Eyeshadow - In crease
  • Sketch Eyeshadow - as liner both upper and lower. Smoke it out if you can. You can use Shadowy Lady. They didn't have enough Shadowy Lady to go around.
  • Smolder Eye Kohl - Upper lash line, lower water line. Cover with Sketch again
  • Pro Lash Mascara
  • Fix + with Rose
  • Some MAC Moisturizer I don't remmeber
  • Prep + Prime Face
  • Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15 - I fell in love with this foundation and I will be switching to it once I run out of my Studio Fix Fluid.
  • Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC15
  • Blush of Youth Beauty Powder (LE)
  • Summer Rose Beauty Powder (LE) - I put this right over the Blush of Youth because I wanted something a little more Pink
  • Half Red Lip Liner
  • Tender Tryst See Thru Lip Color - This is funky. It's a metalic lipstain. But I wouldn't want to wear it alone. Looks better with some gloss.
  • Magnefique Lipglass
Of course the catch to the class was that you had to leave with $50 worth of product. Easy. I got the Studio Sculpt Concealer, Brush Cleanser, Love Thing Mineralize Blush, and the Tender Tryst See Thru Lip Color.