Monday, May 4, 2009

Mike's Picks - Angie Everhart

To the best of my knowledge, my husband owns exactly one Playboy, which I believe is February 2000 in which Angie Everhart appears nude. The first time I ever heard of Angie Everhart was when she was in a movie called Bordello of Blood. I enjoyed the movie, since it was about vampires, but I totally had no idea what a bordello was at the time. Anyway, the next time I heard her name was probably the first time I met Mike. She's very close to perfect according to him - a red head with legs for miles. Of course, she's from Akron Ohio...

Could she be considered "Competition"? After all, she was engaged to Joe Pesci. I don't understand that one. And she has acknowledged Mike's existence at a Detroit Ask him - he'll tell you.

No matter, she really is quite beautiful.