Monday, May 4, 2009

Mike's Picks - Shirley Manson

From How To Geek

My husband has a thing for redheads and Shirley falls into that category. Shirley Manson, if you didn't know, is (was?) the lead singer for a group called Garbage. They sang some of my favorite songs back in high school, including #1 Crush and "The World Is Not Enough". Mike and I almost chose "The World Is Not Enough" for our wedding dance, but decided it would give the world the impression that we are greedy. I still wish we'd chosen it.

What *I* like about Shirley Manson is that she's a woman who sings like a man. She's unapologetically sexy and not afraid to come across as a little bit scary. Her look is quirky-sexy. Mike, of course, is drawn to her red hair. But if this woman hadn't been a singer, she should have been a Victoria's Secret Model. She has an extremely enviable, absolutely rockin' body. And the pictures I see of her most often show her in dresses/skirts with knee high boots - a look I will always love.

Incidentally, if they don't renew The Sarah Connor Chronicles I'll be angry. They already cancelled it but I keep hearing rumors... Shirley Manson as a Terminator was a genius.

Did I also mention that Shirley Manson was a spokesperson for MAC's Viva Glam campaign? Viva Glam IV, I think. Here she is with Sir Elton John and Mary J Blige

Image from EltonJohnsDarkDiamond
(wow, it was hard to find this advertisement)

I like her better as a redhead. She looks way too much like Pink in this picture. I wish the makeup artist had toned down the contour and the bronzer - just looks a bit muddy on her face. Oh well. They did create a face chart for Shirley Manson during this campaign. Here it is:

Image provide by Erine1881 on

I completely couldn't read the products the way they were written out so I re-wrote them.

  • Everyday Lotion Cleanser
  • Studio Moisture Fix moisturizer
  • Fast response eye cream
  • Face and Body foundation - applied with a sponge
  • Studio Finish Pressed Powder - applied with 150 brush
  • Angel Blush- applied with 129 brush
  • Fleur Powder blush- applied with 129 brush
  • Honor blush - applied with 129 brush

  • Omega Eye Shadow - applied with brush 266 to brows
  • Brule Eye Shadow - Applied to lid with brush 252
  • Bood Black Liquid Liner
  • Coal Black Pro Lash Mascara