Monday, May 4, 2009

Mike's Top Pick - Milla Jovovich

Milla, Milla, Milla... You're my husband's favorite lady!

I so wish I could be Milla. Especially in the first Resident Evil movie. I want that red dress, I want legs long enough to deal with boots like that without heels. I want that hair style.... I really want that hair style but my hair is too stick straight to pull it off. But yeah, I sort of think she's a slice of perfection as well. Good choice, hubby-o-mine!

Did I mention he has his homepage on his browser set to Well he does.

This is where I would post his favorite picture of her, but I can't find it on google so I'll post some of my favorite images of her:

Image from Movieeveryday

So what? It's another Resident Evil. She's hot in that movie!

Ok, here's one of my favorite NON-resident evil pics:

I guess this image was taken for Jane Magazine.

She's just so darn cute! Even when she's preggers.

From a strictly facial point of view, I'm currently obsessed with the following image. Think I could get a smokey eye to look like that and pull it off?

Na... I'd screw it up royally. I don't pull off the tough -chic thing as well as I used to. Has something to do with the extra 70 lbs I'm carrying, I think. But if I were going to do it I'm make use of the matte browns I have, maybe with a touch of plum. For the lips I'd probably use MAC Chic, which might be totally off. Or Fresh Moroccan if I wanted to go metallic-red.

Here are a few other images I found hanging around on the computer that are also fun-Milla:

I kinda want to try painting this one, or drawing it or something. It's just so cool. But that's why I have a lot of Milla pictures myself - as a person who sometimes likes to paint/draw people, she's a rather nice muse. I can never get her right however. Sumo explained it to me once: People with perfect features are harder to draw.

I love some of her black and whites:

I think the above is originally from Interview magazine.

And just for Mike, I can't forget one of these...

Leeloo totally rocks!

Anyway, Mike, here's you're Milla. I hope you enjoyed it!