Monday, May 11, 2009

Motivation Week: The Extremely Long Shots

I figured I'd kick off the Motivation Week with the Long Shots - items I wore a long time ago that I, for whatever reason, hang onto just in case I can ever put them on again.

The "Rocky Horror" Dress

I wore this dress back in High School when I used to go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show down at the State Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The outfit was the dress, fishnets, knee high lace up boots and a spiky collar. I still have the collar somewhere too.I purchased this dress with money I won for raising money for my choir. Well, I used half the money. The other half I donated to the Huron Players (the theater group I belonged to) so that they could get another drill for the shop. I have worn this dress so many times and I don't know if it has ever been washed, honestly. It would fit if I could get back to about a size 6.

The "Graduation" Dress

I have a thing for things that lace up. I also have a thing for plaid. This dress has both. Take a look at the back...

I could have worn this more way back when if I hadn't had an extreme dislike for cardigans. But you mention "cardigan" to me and I'd run in the other direction. The concept of layering was totally lost on me. You have no idea how much I used to wish the back was the front of the dress. I wore this for my high school graduation party complete with black lace up boots. It too is about a size 6 but I might be able to squeeze into it as a small 8.

Now the divine Tim Gunn would say the following things about these two items:
  • Get rid of them because they don't fit
  • Get rid of them because they are out of style
  • Get rid of them because they are not age appropriate
Well... Tim.... I hear you but these are "soul stirrers".