Saturday, May 16, 2009

Motivation Week: The Inspriational Jeans

I've heard the Joe's Jeans Honeys make your butt look really good. So I stalked ebay until a pair of Honeys came up in a wash I liked (which also means it had to have a cute butt pocket detail). I purchased the largest size I could find.

These jeans belong in the "If I lost 10 lbs..." category because when I purchased them last year I could just barely not be comfortable in them. Zip up, yes. Button yes. Comfort no. Now I am a lot further away, but I still have the jeans to try to persuade me to lose weight.

Honestly, I think my old GAP jeans might be a little more inspirational, but the Joe's Honeys are the first and only pair of "designer" jeans I own and are a lot more attainable at a 32 inch waist than a pair of GAP size 8 bootcut stretch circa year 1998. Also, since I purchased these I've seen a lot more designer jeans on sale at prices I can afford thanks to Ruelala, Gilt and Hautelook. Some with much cuter style.

I WILL be wearing my Joes by end of summer! I promise! I have to be. Because that will mean there are other designer jeans I can purchas as well. Jeans are such a staple of my wardrobe (even in the corporate environment here in Dayton) that it is a shame not to be wearing "the best".