Thursday, May 14, 2009

Motivation Week: The "IT" Dress (for me)

I purchased this ABS by Allen Schwartz Dress for a party back in grad school:

(Those are glares from the flash, not spots on the dress)

I fell in love with this ABS dress the moment I saw it in a Victoria's Secret Catalog. My Grad School was planning a ball with a retro theme and this seemed perfect. What wasn't perfect was the price. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was more than I, a poor Graduate Student, could afford. Fortunately, I had also just discovered Bluefly. Bluefly had the same dress on sale for about $100 cheaper. I snatched it up and wore it to the party with Marilyn Monroe hair and bright red lipstick.

The dress is a size 10. The last two times I lost weight by the time I tried it on I'd already passed the point where I would be able to fit into it and it was too big. This time, should I get down that far, I do not intend on passing the dress by. I want to wear it with my Fluevogs.