Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Motivation Week: My Anthroplogie Dresses I Have Not Yet Worn

I love Anthropologie. I was introduced to that store by my friend Tara who raves about their dresses. I've purchased 3 dresses from Anthropologie - two of them have never been worn. I would LOVE to get into them

The "Go See" Dress

This is a dress I stalked. By stalking I mean I saw it when it first appeared on the Anthropologie site and stalked it to see when it went on sale. When it finally did go on sale, it was not in my size so I purchased it as a gift for Tara (if I remember correctly). That's when the ebay stalking began. Eventually one came up in a size 14. I snatched it up. When I purchased it it was an "If I lose 20 lbs I could zip this up" dress. Now it's more like 30lbs. I had hoped to wear it this spring - it's my own fault I'm not able to. Perhaps next year or this fall/winter with a suitable cardigan layer.

The "I Don't Remember The Cute Name" Dress
(sorry, I forgot)

I love plaid! LOVE IT. When I tried on a smaller size in the store, it seemed that if I purchased a size 14 I could get into the dress in about 10 or 15 lbs. Not much. I asked the store to go and find it for me in the larger size. They did. That was this past fall. I desperately hope that I can get into it for THIS coming fall. I think that's a very attainable goal, provided I apply myself and actually do it. Should I happen to lose more than enough, I think the seams in this dress will make it easy to alter. I can see myself wearing it with a kick-ass pair of leather boots.

What do you think? Worth goal dresses?