Thursday, May 14, 2009

New "Goodbyes" on MAC Site

Oh boy - MAC has some new 'goodbyes' and some of them I am very unhappy about.
  • Cremestick Liners - these are awesome! No pencil involved and they blend really well with your lipstick. My favorite is Pink Treat. Sometimes I use these instead of lipstick. They are not nearly as awkward as pencil so I do strongly suggest picking some up.
  • Strada Blush - ok, way to forsake the pale skinned people, MAC. This was an awesome barely-there contour shade that works so well when you are too light skinned for some of the other shades that almost border on being bronzers. I use this one constantly.
  • Shade Fluidline - Christine from Temptalia tweeted (twittered?) that she was upset this one's going away. I personally don't believe they should ever discontinue a fluidline and they should actually increase the number of colors available. And bring Lithrograph on perminantly.
  • Lustrebloom Pro Longwear Lipstick - I own this and don't wear it often because I don't usually like longwear. But it is the most gorgeous My Lips But Better pink when I do wear it. BAD MAC!
What are your thougths? Do you have anything on that list you'd rather not see discontinued?