Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Polish: China Glaze 2Nite

The night I put this on I asked my husband what color he thought I should wear and he said "periwinkleblue" so fast I couldn't tell what the heck he said. When I stared at him blankly he said "It's a joke from the movie Snatch - I swear it's not a porno." Ok...

The Color: Periwinkleblue, apparently. Light blue-purple with holos like you wouldn't believe.

The Formula: A two-coater. Yay! You might be able to get by with one depending on how thick the coat is. I should warn you - it can be a little runny but it's worth the pain.

The Wear: Worked will with my base and top coats. No more problems than usual.

The Bottom Line: If you can find it, it's totally worth it so long as it's not ebay prices.