Friday, May 1, 2009

Polish of the Day - Chanel Kaleidoscope

I frakking love this one... I wore it with my "Blurple" Dress to the wedding. The application was done in haste, I'm sad to say. I'd also worn this one for a day or so before taking the picture so please excuse the chippy middle finger. That pesky finger!

Chanel Kaleidoscope was a limited edition polish that came out last year. By the time I started paying attention to it it was mostly gone from counters. I managed to grab the last one at my local Chanel counter, and the same day one I ordered from Needless Markup showed up on my doorstep. So yeah, I went overboard and wound up with two of these bad boys. But what a sexy polish it is! And I feel like the prettiest woman in the world the second I start applying it.

The Color: The color is obviously a foily silver, but it also flashes gold and occasionally a little greenish, tarnished silver gold. It's not really duochromy, but it is complex. I don't own anything like it though dupes seem to be popping up.

The Formula: 2 coats, though you might be able to get away with one. I did try using this as a Konad polish one time, and it didn't work out too well - if you want to compare thickness. But I'm going to keep trying as I have this desire to use my bamboo Konad print in Kaleidoscope over Black Satin.

The Wear: Usually pretty good. My nails have been nasty lately, so I can't judge from this wear.

The Bottom Line:
With the dupes that are popping up you probably don't need to go on a hunt. However, this is one Chanel polish that is worth the price, in my opinion (normal Chanel price, not evilBay prices).

Kaleidoscope Dupes: