Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Polish of the Day - Zoya Harmonie

Remember that electric-purple nail polish that everyone had in the 80's (except me because I wasn't allowed to wear polish)? This is it's cousin!

Zoya's line has some of the best colors out there. And sadly, I never can do them justice. See my index finger? The reason you don't see much of it is because this polish was fighting with my index nail.

The Color: You know that electric purple everyone had in the 80's but me? This is it. Of course my camera couldn't capture the vibrancy. But it's metallic purple that flashes a little lighter purple in the sun - with a hint of pink.

The Formula: Almost opaque in 2 coats. If they're thick coats, you'll be fine. But you might have a hard time getting it to dry with a quick dry top coat. I used Lippmann Addicted To Speed and ended up smudging 3 nails after letting it dry for an hour. I hate that.

The Wear: Good. Like any other Zoya.

The Bottom Line: If you love purples, get Harmonie.

Use the Zoya Exchange. It's a great way to get polishes you're not sure you'll love.

You can purchase Harmonie from Zoya.