Thursday, May 7, 2009

Polish of the.... nope I took it off I hated it that much!

Essie Glamour Do is a Glamour Don't for me...

If there's one thing I don't like very much, it's light pink polishes. If there's something I don't like more than light pink polishes it's light pink cream polishes. If there's one thing I HATE it's light pink sheer polishes! I was willing to give Essie Glamour Do a try, after all I got it for free. But you know what? It just sucks.

That's regardless of the fact that I was unable to get all of my previous mani off my nails in the first place (thank you China Glaze Sexy And The City for not wanting to come off my nails).

The Color: Light pink sheer... I had some small hope for it in the bottle. I thought it might actually be opaque. I was wrong. This is the type of color fathers use to punish daughters who want to wear wild nail polish but they think it's wrong for little girls to do so (I speak from experience).

The Formula: The reason I hate milky pink sheers is because they NEVER dry like any other polish on me. Sure enough, if you look at the tip of my index finger you'll see the big smudge that occurred 2 hours after I applied a fast drying top coat.

The Wear: Ha! Like I was going to wear this any longer than it took me to take the picture. Ok, I did keep it on a little longer - I wore it while changing the kitty litter.

The Bottom Line: No wonder they were giving this away - I don't see how they could sell it in the first place! With so many other polishes out there, go get one of those.

I realize there is a market for polishes like this out there. But I definitely do not belong in that market.