Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quest for My Pretty: Frustration over the Kirstie Alley Thing

So I'm a bit upset over the Kirstie Alley weight gain thing (but I'm not upset at her). I don't watch Oprah but apparently she was on talking about gaining all her weight back. She lost 75 lbs on Jenny Craig then gained it all back... and then some. Welcome to the club girl! I did that - twice!

And you know, just because I need to remind myself, here's what I was when I lost weight on Jenny Craig the first time (drop was from 186 down to 142lbs I think). The big push for the wedding, you know...

I loved that bikini. It had a cute little heart cut out on the butt.

Here's me from when I lost weight the second time (170 -something down to 155 lbs):

For the life of me, I was not taking good pictures. But that's ok I guess. My husband called this my "Starbuck" hair.

What ticks me off is that people are blasting her for doing it publicly, that it sends a bad message that "fat people are ugly". But be realistic: how many women try to lose massive amounts of weight without aesthetics being a factor? I don't think any amount of "You're perfect just the way you are" messages are going to change that. Call me cynical. Disagree with me. I don't care. I just wish the media would quit trying to "make it right" by saying you don' t have to lose weight to look good and criticizing people who say they want to lose weight to look good. Who cares what the motivation is provided that person is on the path to being healthy?

Yes, I totally realize losing weight to look good can get out of hand. Getting obsessed with "fat" (either in your food or on your body) can get out of hand. But I think that's a separate issue and I'm going to leave it alone for now because I just have to rant about this situation.

I love it that Kirstie is doing this openly. Kirstie looks great even at her larger size but if SHE doesn't feel good, then what's the point? If SHE doesn't think she looks good, then something needs to change. Yes, it's sad that Kirstie feels she let all these people down by gaining it back (thank you Matt Lauer for stating it was an unrealistic expectation for Kirstie to take on). Kirstie says she tried to cut herself some slack and that's when the weight came back on. I can TOTALLY relate to that. And you know what? That means I'm not alone. And maybe that's the point - this is a relatable story! Hell, I've lost big amounts of weight twice, cut myself "some slack" and ended up worse off than before. It's common. I've heard far fewer stories of people losing the weight and keeping it off for the rest of their lives.

Incidentally, on the Today Show when they were discussing this Emme (supper awesome Goddess Emme) got very close to completely dissing Jenny Craig as a weightloss program because it doesn't teach you about how to manage your food. She started to talk about "pre-packaged meals", which Jenny is. It's frakking easy to get the weight off. Keeping it off is super tough. Jenny didn't teach me crap about eating on my own - twice.

The woman who was with Emme was discussing how many people's relationship with food is about comfort. That is certainly the case with me. Apparently, to successfully lose weight and keep it off you need to change your relationship with food. Well, how do I go from having it be the comforting friend to food being just a casual acquaintance? Hell if I know.

Kathy Ireland also "weighed in" (har har) on the topic on Larry King. What I liked about this was that the focus was on health. We get far away from that some times. I forget the health bit all the time. It's hard to think of health when appearance is so obvious.

Then a day later (because this is a never ending topic) Nancy Schniderman was on talking about dieting myths. But the myths she mentioned weren't as interesting to me as the main point - For women, if you waist is more than 35 inches, then you HAVE to do something about it because your body starts doing all sorts of nasty things to itself. Men, i can't remember what the number was but it wasn't much higher. Want to know a secret? My waist right now is about 38 inches. I'm in trouble.

But anyway, they just need to lay off Kirstie. She has a lot of courage to do this publicly and I have nothing wrong with her doing that. I don't like watching her struggle, but when she succeeds I feel happy for her and hopeful for myself.

There's a People Magazine article on all of this too... Looks like Jenny didn't teach her to eat off of the program or change her relationship with food either.

End of frustrated rant.