Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

It's that time of the week again...

I had a rough time this week. I think I injured the tendons in my left foot, and the calf muscle in my left leg got really sore (I read on the internet that sometimes a tight calf muscle can cause tendon issues in the feet, believe it or not). In addition I may have hurt a nerve because my entire leg has been feeling tingly. Because of that I've really been taking it easy. I couldn't do much walking because I was in a lot of pain. I think it was caused by my Sketchers. I am NOT used to totally flat shoes and after walking for 2 days in them my foot just hurt. I need a couple of one inch thick soles I think. Yes, the Sketchers did have insoles in them but it wasn't enough.

Weight: 192 lbs (again, no change).

What I did right this week: Even though I was injured I did get on the elliptical when I felt I could. Some people may view this as a bad thing to do, but I'm happy I did it.

What I want to improve on next week: Food. I let that slide this week. I ate at PF Changs twice and that is something no one should ever do (seriously, read their nutritional information). I need to get back to some healthier eating and watch my portions.

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