Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Window Shopping" - Alexander McQueen RTW on Gilt this week

Alexander McQueen RTW was on sale this week at Gilt Group. Of course, it's the type of stuff I can't afford even when it's on sale by a significant amount. I don't care if it's last season, slightly imperfect, whatever. It's still gorgeous and still drool worthy for someone like me who never gets to see such things in person.

Just drool with me a bit...

Alexander McQueen Silk Chiffon Butterfly Print Dress on Gilt

I'm becoming a sucker for dresses with interesting prints. So I'll admit I was totally drawn to the front of this dress. But guess what - the back is even better.

I love how the fabric on the back just drapes over the belt, that it contrasts by being a completely different color than the rest of the colors used in the dress, though it matches perfectly. I love the subtle pleating. I don't even mind the gold belt.

And now for something completely different:

Alexander McQueen Deep V Back Silk Pencil Dress on Gilt

I would have stopped to stare at the color. I usually think too much pink in one place is a bad thing. Maybe I still do in this case. But again, the back is quite cool...

Obviously not for the large boobed women out there since there's no possible way (that I can tell) that a bra would work. I'm not sure I could even get my "backless" bra to work with it. Then again, they do wondrous things with undergarments these days, don't they?

Check this out:

Alexander McQueen Silk Chiffon Ombre Bustier Dress on Gilt

There's no way I could ever pull off something like this coral gorgeousness. On me I would look perpetually pregnant in it. But I love how the neckline is ever so subtly "sweetheart" and I think it looks amazing.

Continuing the "Ombre" theme...

Alexander McQueen Long Kimono Sleeve Ombre Colored Gown on Gilt

The only thing I don't dig about this Kimono dress is the shoulder pads. I will never be a fan of those. I look at them and think "Klingon!". Everything else about this is awesome. Don't you wonder how they dye it to get the gradient? And then to have the arms match in gradient? I'm sure there's a seam in there somewhere, but I don't see it from this picture. If there isn't, all the more cool.

What do you think of this?

Alexander McQueen Long Silk Orchid Gown on Gilt

I love the orchid print going down the dress. I think that's fabulous. I also love the "Morticia Addams" way the dress pools at the feet. But I can' thelp but think of how impractical that would be to walk in. I wouldn't want to trip over those pretty orchid flowers. I don't see how one could wear this with out hitching up the dress or standing completely still all night. Then again, I totally don't have the grace to pull it off. I'd rather go for something like this...

Alexander McQueen Intricate Silk Taffeta Gathered Dress on Gilt

This reminds me a lot of the feathered wedding gown Alexander McQueen put out a while back that Kenley on Project Runway swears she didn't copy. Similar sillouhuet to me.

This next piece reminded me of the Issey Miyaki pleating I posted about last week.

Alexander McQueen High Waist Plisse Skirt on Gilt

Did you know "Plisse" is another word for "Pleat"? I don't know if there's a technical difference in how they are created, but according to the dictionary... there you are. I totally thought it was French but apparently it's Middle English. I couldn't get the accent on the "e". There is one.

The model reminds me of Tilda Swinton in this next picture. It's also a little scary. I think my inner vampire is liking this jacket...

Alexander McQueen Feathered Collar One Button Blazer on Gilt

I wonder if it would have been possible to order it in different colors. Wouldn't that feathering have looked awesome in purple??? And that black is just SO black! Love! Though again with the shoulder pads... I guess it's ok if it's a jacket.

I am still not sure what to make of this one...

Alexander McQueen Leather Floral Pleated Dress on Gilt

To me, it's bordering on tacky. It reminds me a little of the scary dress the model for the Hello Kitty MAC collection.

Speaking of MAC Collections, I didn't purchase anything from the Alexander McQueen collaboration with MAC. I sort of wish I had purchased the Paint Pots but I restrained myself and said I'd never use them. I do have Feline Kohl Power... I think that was released with that collection but I purchased it when it was released with a different collection.

Anyway, I enjoyed browsing this sale this week.