Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zoya Goes Matte - I Don't Get It.

Yes, every nail polish blogger is posting this simultaneously:

Image from Zoya's Blog

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As you can read on the Zoya Blog, there will be 3 matte shades available on July 1.

  • Loredana (ZP498) gunmetal gray matte shimmer
  • Dovima (ZP499) black matte shimmer
  • Posh (ZP500) wine matte shimmer
Personally, if I go for any of these it will probably be Posh. But I don't get Matte polishes. What's the point if you finger nails don't "shine like justice"? I will just have to try them and see I guess... But honestly, I'm nervous about forking over cash for a color that I would just make shiny by sticking a top coat on it. I am unsure if they are creating a corresponding Matte Topcoat.

Amendment: Apparently the Zoya Matte Polishes are not intended to be worn with a base or a top coat. Ok.