Monday, June 15, 2009

Caution: The Innocent "See you in a week!" Posts and What Can Happen While You're Away

This is not makeup/fashion/nail polish related, but I felt it worth mentioning on my blog. A co-worker of mine recently came back from a vacation to find her house robbed. Her two dogs were there at the time. How did I know she was on vacation and find out that she was robbed when she returned? I see her posting her status on Facebook.

That got me thinking - Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc are all great ways to make yourself a little less safe when traveling. Who knows how these people who robbed my co-worker got her information about her trip, but if it ever happened to me I wouldn't want it to happen due to an innocent post.

I just went on vacation. I posted about it everywhere. I could have been her.

My Co-worker has a great attitude about the whole thing - "it's just stuff, right?" I don't think I could be nearly as laid back about it.

Please don't increase your chances of having something happen to you. Please be safe this summer. Please take care of what you post publicly. A nice "See you in a week!" could be an invitation for bad things to happen while you're away.

Note: I have no proof that whatsoever that whoever harmed my co-worker's property found out anything about her itinerary via Facebook. Her story just made me think a little about my own practices and how unsafe I myself have been.