Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Designer Education: Miu Miu Is Something More Than The Sound A Cat Makes

When the boss of the group I work for in my company decided to introduce me to shopping clubs like Ruelala, she told me a story about a great buy. She was browsing Ruelala one day when they were having a Miu Miu sale. She just had to get two bags for her nieces. While they were still very expensive, the price was at such a fabulous discount. She was so proud of the buy, I didn't have the heart to tell her that all "Miu Miu" meant to me was a sound my kitties make when they want something.

I may love clothing and fashion, but truly I know next to nothing. At least I'll admit that.

This Miu Miu story has come up several times when speaking with my boss. And every time it makes me wonder: Why is Miu Miu such a good buy? I just don't get it. So I looked Miu Miu up.

Ah ha! Miu Miu is a "younger, more affordable" brand of Prada. I get it now! The name is taken from Miuccia Prada's nickname. Wait, "Prada" has a first name? Ok.

From here I decided to do a google search for shows. Style.com had the 2009 RTW collection up so I thought I'd take a peak. Most of it, to my uneducated eye looked like things weren't fitting all that well, that the open jackets just looked sloppy. I thought the color palette was pretty, but boring. I've chosen a few of the images to put up here so you can see what I liked. The clothing interested me far less than the makeup and the shoes.

Let's talk about the fabric choices. I agree with Syle.com's reviewer: Many of the pieces looked like furniture upholstery fabric. I think that happens any time you take a print and put it on a thick fabric, like something you'd make a coat out of. I don't think that comparison, at that point can be avoided. Not to mention this look on the left just looks OLD. It doesn't scream young and fresh at all. But did you see the shoes they paired with this outfit on the left? Yummy! I love red, which you know. The high heel and the ankle strap just make it that much cooler.

And then there's fur. I'm not a fur fan. I tend to picture my cats and get all sentimental. There's a woman I know who has a large fur coat and hat that is the same color as my cat. While I find the coat to be quite beautiful, you put my little orange boy down next to it and it's indistinguishable. I wouldn't want to wear Cicero... nope. Not me.

In the case of what Miu Miu has done for fall, having fur lined scarves to me just makes the outfit look more Clan of the Cave Bear than anything else. I can't get behind it. Anyway you look at it the word "pelt" comes to mind and that just reminds me of rotting meat. However, I'm sure it's quite soft and luxurious.

There were, however, plenty of non-funky coat, non-fur, non-upholstery type outfits. The one on the left, for example. You know I love it for the tight -yet-wispy skirt. But do you see the leggings??? Open up the larger image and take a peak. They are bejewelled. Cool!

Now here's the problem: In general, from what I see, I do not think Miu Miu is either young or affordable. Yes the brand is probably more affordable than Prada, but I don't see how $600 shoes (on sale) are really all that much more affordable. Surely if you can afford to pay those prices for shoes you can probably afford the Prada main brand as well. As for "young", I don't remember the last time I saw anyone young wearing a fur scarf, or coats quite like this. Maybe it's "progressive". Yet I will admit some of these looks are quite chic and I could totally dig them - on a 30 year old like myself (not sure if they meant "young" for that age bracket). Especially the outfit with the bejeweled tights. But all in all, to me it looks like something an older person would think a younger person would wear if that younger person had the same taste in clothing as the older person. Sorry Miu Miu. That's just my opinion.