Friday, June 12, 2009

Most Awesome Article by Nia Vardalos

I just happened to find this on CNN - it's Nia Vardalos talking about her weightloss on the Anderson Cooper 360 blog. You remember who she is, right? The awesome woman who did My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Well now here she is talking about how she's a bit fed up with people asking her about her 40 lb. weight loss. What's the big deal? It's 40 lbs. She lost it with diet and exercise over the course of a year. You know what that is? Normal.

While I agree with Ms Vardalos in principal, and I do wish for her sake that people would ask her about something other than her weight loss. There's much more to her than that. But I still have to say: As a person who is trying to lose weight through diet and exercise (and struggling at doing so) I am GLAD people ask her about her weight loss because when I read it it reinforces to me that yes, I'm trying to do the right thing the right way and yes it will take a LONG TIME and I shouldn't be discouraged about it.

So Nia, I get it. They should ask you about other things. But please understand that I love to hear about your weight loss accomplishment because I just need to. It's encouraging. It may not be the first time you've addressed the topic, but it IS the first time I have read about it.