Monday, June 1, 2009

Polish - Zoya Layla, a.k.a the "Power Pink"

The Boss of my group at work is quite amazing. She's this very chic, tiny woman - tough as nails too. Awesome. So when I was having a rough week and needed a bit of a confidence boost, I reached for her favorite nail polish color: Zoya Layla.

Every time I see our boss she's wearing this color. It's never chippy, never messy, always nice. Seriously, to be able to sport hot pink nails as a VP working for a publishing super giant you have to be an amazing woman. I never thought pink could be a powerful color, but because of our boss I'm dubbing Zoya's Layla "The Power Pink".

The Color: Hot pink cream. In some lights it can be deeper and warmer than others, though. It can be a tricky pink that way.

The Formula: Easy application, applies smooth, opaque in two coats.

The Wear: Like Iron. I can understand why the boss wears it. It's easy, you can keep covering it up if you get chips and no one will know. It'll stay on better than just about any polish.

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a hot pink cream, this is the one to get. Also good for a nice confidence pick-me-up.